A Day at Xel-Ha | Tulum

Hey everybody!

This is Nick, checking in with ya, but more importantly, I’m here to recap on our trip to Mexico; specifically our visit to Xel-Ha Park. Just thinking back on the day makes me want to go back already. Jenna & I decided last minute to add Xel-Ha into our itinerary and it made our trip that much more special. 

Xel-Ha is dubbed an “aquatic theme park”, but it’s so hard to view it as JUST that. It’s much more than that. It is quite literally a historically-preserved Mayan site near Tulum that you can fully explore in so many ways. This day was really special for us in a lot of ways, and once we got to Xel-Ha we immersed ourselves fully into the natural beauty and remained fully present for our entire time there.

With that being said, we didn’t take photos of the 5 hours or so that we spent at Xel-Ha yet we did capture the short video below.

What Xel-Ha is really known for is their snorkeling experience. This was actually my first time ever snorkeling in my life. Crazy, right? Jenna was eager to throw me in the water and see me give it a go. Fortunately, I survived the snorkeling, and honestly, it was one of the most incredible things I’ve experienced in my life. Being able to see so much marine life and watching conch’s move on the ocean floor was unreal.

I was proud of myself going outside of my comfort zone and doing that - I’d be upset at myself for not properly experiencing something of that nature. I would definitely do it again!

Another fun thing we got to do was ride bikes down a trail called the Land Of Huh. It’s a one kilometer bike ride through various trees & gardens where we got to encounter these cute little creatures called Coatis! It was a mission of ours to try & find these little guys. Somehow, some way, we spotted a massive group of them wandering through the brush — there were so many that we lost count. Maybe a few hundred!! Jenna was hoping to take one home with us as a pet, but we decided that Chou wouldn’t have been a fan of sharing the household with a coati. That bike ride was a highlight for me, especially with spotting a ton of coatis along the way. 

What was really cool about that bike ride was that it took you the beginning of a river that takes you through mangroves! We hopped in a double inner tube together and braved the mangroves. It’s one of the most relaxing, slow-paced adventures to go on - otherwise known as “Nick’s speed”. But at the end of the river, it opens up into more adventures to go on, which Jenna immediately took the chance to experience. She became a monkey and scaled across the Trepachanga, which I gave up on. It’s two ropes separated that you have to balance yourself on to walk across the river. I was dying laughing from it and fell right off. My balance is atrocious as it is. We laughed so hard trying to stay on that our bodies were sore for days after.

Another highlight of Xel-Ha was the food. If you follow us, you already know how much we love food. With the package/admission we got, we were able to eat any & everything we wanted all day long. Let me tell you, it definitely took some willpower to not eat at every single restaurant. Haha! The food was very authentic and the options were unlimited. No complaints from me on this one.

We couldn’t recommend Xel-Ha more of you’re planning to make a trip to Cancun. It was a really easy experience hopping on a guided tour bus and getting to the destination safely. We really loved our main tour guide who gave us great run-downs and history of everything along the way.

I’m not even joking, while writing this blog post, it’s just making me want to visit again ASAP.

Sorry again for the lack of photos! Jenna and I love being able to share our lives with all of you, but it’s also become really important for us to remember to unplug and not feel the pressure to document every second of our lives; to really just be able to enjoy each moment fully - sans technology.

Thanks for following along on our anniversary trip to Cancun, MX! It was incredible and we’re already considering a trip back as soon as we can!

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