Swimming Through Cenotes in Xcaret Nature Park

Hey there, folks! Nick here.

Before I started typing out this post, I came to the stark realization that our Xcaret experience is near impossible to put into words, but I promise to do my very best in serving justice to our time spent there to the best of my abilities.

First of all, when Jenna & I first started talking about plans to make a trip to Cancun, doing Xcaret Park was at the top of our list. I had started following them on Instagram a few years ago when Jenna showed me their account, and it quickly became a top bucket list item in my book. 

We opted to rent a car for the day and make the drive there ourselves. It was extremely easy & a really fun drive to do together.

Jenna & I were extremely excited to swim through the cenotes together. It was the first thing we did when we got there. It feels like you’re in a movie like Indiana Jones or something. It’s the most breathtaking experience to just be swimming through these caves, created by 3 million years of erosion from the very river you’re in. It’s like being put into a completely different world. Some of these caves are so dark, but light is creeping through various holes above you, creating an insane visual that you can’t properly put into words unless you’re there. I could’ve gone down that river over & over all day long. 

By the way, there’s so many Mayan ruins scattered throughout the entire park. You’re really walking through history, quite literally. Jenna & I are always interested in history & visiting museums — walking through Xcaret is all of that wrapped into one place. 

There’s so much wildlife & marine life within the 200 acres of Xcaret. We saw everything from manatees to birds to turtles to horses to various fish.. it’s incredible to witness. We couldn’t stop watching the turtles in an aquarium because they kept doing this funny, sass-like, hands on their hips thing when they were gliding through the water. We were thoroughly entertained. 

They had this massive open church that looked like something out of a movie. There was a beautiful Mexican cemetery along the trails we walked around. There was even a replica of a Mayan village that you could walk through and see handcrafted pieces of various art to purchase (.. of course we bought stuff). During the day, we saw a show that the Papantla Flying Men (check out our video below!) put on. It’s an ancient ritual/ceremony involving 5 men climbing & descending upside down from a 30-meter pole. It made me nervous to watch! But they were incredible. 

We ended the day watching a show they put on nightly that everyone highly recommended to us to stay & watch. It was so insane. Xcaret has this massive theater that fits 6,000 people and they put on a multi-cultured show, telling the history of the Spanish & Mayans meeting, & watching a Mesoamerican ballgame involving only the use of your hips. But, by far the craziest game we saw them play involved a ball of fire that was somewhat similar to hockey (captured in our video below). I can easily say that it was the most dangerous game I’ve ever single-handedly watched, but it was so mesmerizing, I couldn’t believe it, nor stop watching it. Haha. 

For anyone who plans to visit Cancun, or if you’re trying to think of places to visit in the world, I highly suggest you put Xcaret at the top of your list. There’s no way I can properly explain how unbelievable our time spent there was. It’s really only something you’ll understand once you’ve spent the day there. 

We’ve got one more Cancun video and blog post to put up so stay tuned for that.

Hope you guys enjoyed and thanks for following along!