Staying In Touch When Nick's On The Road

This post is sponsored by Zynga, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s often asked how we stay connected when Nick is on the road. While yes, we spend a lot of time talking on the phone, neither of us can say we’re always in an environment to be talking or Face Timing all of the time. Both of us are constantly on the go which can complicate our keeping-in-touch methods, but we’ve discovered a new, fun, and often hilarious way for Nick and I to stay connected when we’re apart.

It’s called Words With Friends 2.

Have you heard of it? We've been playing Words With Friends forever but we’re completely hooked on the newest version; attempting outsmarting each other in this spelling battle of wits!

It’s the perfect mobile game to exercise our brains, challenge ourselves and one another, and sometimes just pass the time together! We already have a silly kind of competitive spirit between us, so this has kind of just fed our desires to see who can be the most creative/who an get the biggest laugh.

All jokes aside, my smarty-pants husband is ridiculously good, and usually wins by a landslide.

I feel like I need to up my game, which is honestly just a great reason to work my brain a bit harder so I can win for once! They also feature a Word Of The Day so you’re always on your toes, having to get creative (which I’m determined to use as my secret weapon one of these days).

It’s nice to still feel connected when he’s in a green room on the east coast and I’m in the gym on the west coast, or he’s doing press in South America and I’m riding a ferry in Seattle. See what I mean?

It’s times like these where we can’t really speak over the phone, but can still maintain a closeness thru playing the game!

Another fun discovery and reason to download WWF 2 is that over the years, we’ve both lived in other states and cities and it becomes harder to keep in touch with old friends. I love being able to play my friends through Words With Friends no matter where in the world they are!