Where Are We Off To Next?!

Call us completely bonkers, but we're already setting our sights on our next romantic getaway!

Quite a few of you have been asking us where else we'd like to travel to or where we want to go to next! I'm a firm believer in setting goals and travel is a big one for us in the Martin household. We decided to sit-down together (over FaceTime since Mr. handsome guy is in Germany today) and create a shortlist of destinations we're dreaming of visiting, in order from "OMG Let's go now!" to "I'd reaaaally love to see it someday!"...

1. Costa Rica

2. Vietnam

3. Tulum, Mexico

4. Bali

5. Havana, Cuba

This time, we've decided to start researching and planning our trip with an expert travel service - Anywhere.com which has been a total life-saver!

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Click for more!

We're all about preparation, and since our honeymoon was completely planned out by yours-truly, we thought maybe we'd give a travel service a whirl! Even better, Anywhere.com is FREE to use! Having the extra help of a professional service also helps us to keep focused on the purpose of our getaway - US! Nick and I can truly just enjoy each other sans all the distractions that come along with DIYing it. As much as I love to plan everything out myself, sometimes there's nothing better than just sitting back and letting someone else handle the nitty gritty deets! So this time around, I get to use my newly freed-up time and efforts into surprising my husband with little romantic things along the way - which is all very fitting since we have our anniversary coming up fast! 

You guys are well aware by now that Nick and I are both constantly on-the-go, so being able to chat/text/email with an expert planner at Anywhere.com in next level AMAZING! You can work on your travel plan with them anywhere, anytime! Imagine all the time that's saved me in planning so that I can spend more time daydreaming about sloth sanctuaries, breathtaking volcanoes, natural hot springs, and ziplining!! ;)

We can't go anywhere without consulting with Chou. She's very busy so she usually has to check her calendar.

We can't go anywhere without consulting with Chou. She's very busy so she usually has to check her calendar.

Another thing I absolutely love about their services is that while they cater to those visiting a number of different countries, they tell you everything you need to know about your chosen destination right off the bat! They even have videos that explain the weather of where you're going, and what to expect during each specific month! This could not be more appreciated as though we do our fair share of traveling, we often don't know what to expect in foreign countries - and there's usually a ton of research and internet digging that's done to find just this very thing out!

It's been SO convenient and so enjoyable using Anywhere.com to plan our next adventure to Costa Rica! I even started a Pinterest Board to get hype myself up on all the adventures awaiting us there! Now that we have the help and guidance of Anywhere, we can breathe easy and not stress on those last minute romantic getaways we might want to take in the future. They'll also come in handy when we start trying to coordinate a family trip to Machu Picchu next year, or a spontaneous weekend in Havana. If you're considering an adventure and are looking for expert help, head over to Anywhere.com and see all the amazing options available! 

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Comment below with your dream destinations!! We'd love to hear where you guys are longing to visit!

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Click for more!

Happy travels!!!


Jenna + Nick ( + Chou! )