One Last Warped

This post is sponsored by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It's officially summer for us. How can we be so sure? It's Warped Tour time! And now just Warped Tour but the LAST Warped Tour! Naturally, we felt obligated to give our favorite summer festival one last, final hurrah!


If you've been to Warped before, you know very well how hot and long these outdoor festival days can be. The drive to wherever the event is being held can be grueling, waiting in long lines to park, and then waiting in even longer ones inside the festival to buy food or drinks.

We're professionals when it comes to these outdoor events, so its only natural that we planned ahead as not to starve or get hangry with one another. We also had a friend drive with us out to Pomona, so this was largely out of courtesy to her as well.

Car snacks are always essentials, but refreshing, cool My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream couldn't have been more of a perfect snack for the drive from LA to Pomona.

With a long day ahead, staying cool and fueled is a must. Nick had a list of bands he wanted to see, I had a separate one, and of course, there's making the rounds to say hi to friends and colleagues. All in all, it was an amazing day and I'm so glad we attended!


Are you going to the final Warped Tour this summer? Do you bring snacks too?

What's your favorite flavor of My/Mo Mochi? Nick's is Cookies & Cream, and mine is Strawberry!