Backstage Tour at 'The Making of Harry Potter' in London!


This one has been especially difficult to write as we could go on and on and on about it... seriously, we could!

On our 2nd to last day in London on our honeymoon, we had the incredible pleasure of doing a VIP tour at the Making of Harry Potter at the Warner Brothers Studios. Keep in mind that we spent 14+ days in Europe and the United Kingdom, but THIS was possibly one of our most favorite days of the entire trip.

Nick and I are sitting here in our living room, trying to find all the right words to explain what this experience was like. Is "magical" too cliché? 

We have an insane amount of photos from this day so please excuse us if you feel like we've included too many. Some of our closest friends and family share our ridiculous appreciation for all things Harry Potter, so it only felt fitting for us to capture as much as we possibly could so that they may live vicariously through us via our photos and video. :)

The trek was similar to Disneyland Paris in that it's totally not in the city. We had to travel pretty far out of London and into the countryside in order to get to Pinewood Studios, where all the Harry Potter movies were filmed - and where they're currently working on the Fantastic Beasts films, as well!

The tour takes you through what can only be described as the closest thing to a Harry Potter museum. Our guide walked us through two enormous sound stages, all filled with full sets, props, costumes, special effect departments, rooms dedicated to the design process, and just about everything in between.

Our group consisted of 9 guests (including us) and our personal tour guide! Nick and I we're fortunate enough to have been gifted this experience as a wedding/honeymoon present, and we'll ALWAYS opt to do this version of the tour. If you're going to make the journey out to do this, there's no better way to do it.

Some benefits of the Deluxe Tour are: Guided tour with special access to props, sets, etc., unlimited entrance to the studios (we walked the entire thing twice!), a Photo Package (5 photos
+ 1 video per person), the choice of a Butterbeer or Butterbeer Ice Cream, a hot meal of your choice, a beverage of your choice, a Harry Potter Lanyard to hold your various tickets for the previously listed things, and the very official Souvenir Book to take home that tells you all about the making of Harry Potter, including photos from the Tour.

There were SO many surprises throughout the entire experience so we want to be very careful as to not spoil it for anyone! We definitely want to share some of our favorite bits from the day, and a ridiculous amount of photos to go along with them.

One of Nick's personal favorites was walking through the Forbidden Forest. There are a few surprises here, so we won't say too much - but it was both enchanting and terrifying in the best way!

In the Special Effects / Creature room, he found his favorite things... the mandrakes. (Same room as the cover photo at the top!) They've got this nifty little glass case with a few magical creatures and fetus Voldemort, and you tap these little buttons to see them move in their appropriate way! He's obsessed. On the way into this room, Nick caught me gazing upon Bathilda Bagshot's terrifying "dummy" and thought it would be funny to scare the daylights out of me.

Mission accomplished, Nicholas.

My personal faves were the little things... the Butterbeer Ice Cream, the props created for the Weasley Wizard Wheezes shop, taking stupid photos every chance we got, the real chocolate figures from the Yule Ball which had somehow been preserved for years, not to mention all the incredible REAL paintings and tapestries created for the Wizarding World. The Potions Dungeon stole my heart. Every bottle lining the room had a different substance in it. It all was created to be as real as possible and they succeeded beyond belief.

Peeking inside the REAL Knight Bus was insane... and seeing the REAL cupboard under the stairs inside the REAL #4 Privet Dr.

We're already trying to figure out when we can go back.


It's so hard to not tell you everything but we want to be as careful as possible not to ruin the tour for anyone out there who plans to go!

We were so very fortunate to not have any surprises spoiled for us and that's the way we want others to be able to see it too!

Please enjoy the photos and if you have questions, leave them in the comments below!

We'll be doing an Instagram Live tomorrow (+ possibly again later next week) and spilling the juicy details we haven't documented here! 

If you have any questions about the tour or our time in London, leave them in the comments below!

Thanks, as always, for keeping up with us and our many adventures! We are so appreciative of the kindness you all share with us!




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