Uncle Jen goes to the San Diego Zoo!

So I guess I should explain who "Uncle Jen" is... it's just me, Jenna! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When my best friend Jessika got a kitten, I became Uncle Jen. So natrually when she had her sweet angel baby boy Teddy, I stayed Uncle Jen! Ya know? Oh, and if you're wondering, Nicholas is "Tia Nick".

Also, we technically went to the "San Diego Zoo Safari Park" but that title is just waaaay too long. And it was called the Wild Animal Park up until a little while ago, so just play along! (wink wink)

We've had Zoo & Wild Animal Park passes for years now since Nick and I are both from San Diego and lived there before we move to Los Angeles last December. Usually we'd stop by and wander around in the early hours before the park gets totally flooded with tourists and visitors. It gets so hot and sweaty most of the year, everything is so expensive there - including snacks, which usually aren't all too healthy - and we it kind of lost its luster for us.

Living in Los Angeles, away from my best friend and Teddy-boy has had it's challenges BUT its also made us get even more creative with our regular get-togethers! Now that Teddy is 1 and walking, we've had Disneyland outings, arts and crafts dates, sleepovers here in L.A. and now a Wild Animal Park adventure! 

My bff Jessika is such a fantastic momma. She always brings the healthiest and coolest little snacks for Teddy, wherever we go and I've started to follow suit - discovering my newest obsession, Sparkling Ice!

The Wild Animal Park (or Safari Park, as it's now known) is waaaay out in San Pasqual Valley in North County San Diego. It's pretty far inland and tends to get sweltering HOT out there so we loaded up my trusty Lemon Cooler Bag with healthy drinks and snacks before heading out to the park! I had ordered a Variety Pack of the Sparkling Ice from Amazon Prime and gotten it delivered the very next day, so we had plenty of flavors to bring along on our day-trip! By the way, they are SO affordable and come in a ton of amazing flavors!

(If you don't have Amazon Prime, you can find Sparkling Ice at Walmart, Sam's Club, Safeway, Target and Kroger/Ralph's!)

Teddy is so little that everything is the most exciting and thrilling thing in his mind! Not to mention he's a total crack up with his reactions and noises - I call him "my tiny comedian". He looooves the simple things like watching the birds, or going into the petting zoo to hug all the goats. YES, HE WALKS AROUND GIVING EACH GOAT A HUG AND I CAN'T LIE, IT MELTS MY HEART! His Uncle Jen loves him so much and cherishes the memories we make on days like these!! (insert sobbing face here) Jess and I also totally love that the zookeepers always bring out amazing and exotic animals to see up close immediately upon entering the park! This time we got to see a teeny little Sugar Glider! Ah we we're completely surrounded by cuteness! (insert more sobbing here)

Another awesome thing we love to do at the Safari Park is hop on the tram that travels through the massive stretch of land where they let various animals roam! You can see zebras, giraffes, rhinos, antelope, wildebeest, ostriches, vultures, cranes, and about a hundred other species roaming freely in what looks like Lion-King-esque harmony! This is where a lot of the breeding success happens for the San Diego Zoo! Through their programs and research, they've been able to help bring species like the White Rhino further away from becoming extinct! So amazing!

Teddy loooooved the tram. He was interested in the animals but also found the people sitting behind us pretty fascinating! For a minute, we couldn't breath from laughter because Teddy kept waving and squeaking at a little kid in the next row. This guy! ..... Isn't he the cutest?! I just can't handle how precious this little boy is!!! And not to mention his beautiful mama who also happens to be one of the funniest people I've ever known!!! It's no wonder where he gets his humor from! He wanted to hold the Sparkling Ice bottles for most of the tram ride. I think he likes how colorful the packing is! LOL what a gooooob.

I'm so glad we brought all the snacks and Sparkling Ice because it was a hottttttt one. 


If you're planning on visiting San Diego any time soon, make sure you go to the Safari Park!

And obviously, I recommend bringing a few healthy snacks and Sparkling Ice along with you! Having a delicious Sparkling Ice to sip on adds a little something extra to your day! Because who wants to be boring, right? ;)