Travel Ready! -snacks included-

Hello again! Jenna, here.

I’m getting ready to hit the road with Nick for a short while. I wanted to share a little bit about my packing and prep for little trips like this one, and let you in on my anti-hanger/starvation tactics!

Everyone knows that feeling when your stomach is making louder noises than the bustle of a busy airport. We’ve all been stuck in the car for too long, when it feels like your memories of food are from a past lifetime. Well, airport food is way too expensive and fast food drive-thrus aren’t going to provide sustenance to make you feel much better. That’s why I decided to come up with a little list of travel friendly snacks for feeling great and being prepared on the go!

I’m traveling solo for the first part of my trip but I’m also bringing along some extra snacks for those early mornings when we can’t get breakfast immediately, afternoons when our busy schedule doesn’t allow a few moments to run out and find a quick bite, and late nights when there’s nothing but greasy pizza to put in our empty tummies. All of that happens almost every single day, so having some backup treats on deck for the two of us is a must - something we’ve learned all-too-well over the years.

Here’s what I’m bringing this time…

I personally like to have something to keep me hydrated and energized on my way to the airport. It sets a the whole adventure off on the right foot (especially since I’m TERRIBLE at staying hydrated, so Nick will be very proud of me for my forethought). I’ve been really enjoying this newer brand on Milk & Eggs, Goldthread Tonics Green Mineral. All of their tonics I’ve had are fantastic, and I figured some extra greens would be perfect for my pre-airport hydration.

In the airport and on my flight, I try to have a variety of treats. I’ve mentioned this vegan jerky by Unisoy before but I’m going to mention it again because it makes the perfect travel snack. In addition to that jerky, we also have been totally obsessed with this Chef's Cut Real Chicken Jerky Buffalo Style. It’s addicting in the best way possible and I know Nick will be glad I brought some along.

The last few snacks I packed with me are almonds, fruit snacks and protein bars. They all help with the above mentioned moments of hunger/hanger and these specific ones pack a punch when it comes to nutrients. For almonds, I’ve got these Matcha Green Tea Almonds by AgStandard. They’re delicious and filling whenever you need a pick-me-up! For fruit snacks, I ordered these KIND Fruit Bites in Mango Apple Pineapple and also Strawberry Cherry Apple. They’re sweet and delicious, and the perfect healthy snack you can keep in your pocket. Last but not least, the protein bars I opted for are these ONE Bars in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Roll and Glazed Doughnut. Another perfect secret weapon for when you’re hungry, feeling sluggish or unfortunately have to miss a meal.

Some other easy treats for days out, long car rides or flights and everything in between are popcorn, rice cakes, prepackaged olive packets, banana chips, or just plain apples (or Grapples if you’re looking to really turn up). Most of these are easy to find, but if you’re looking for our favorite one-stop shopping source Milk & Eggs, be sure to use our coupon code at checkout to save some serious $! CODE : TWOSMALLFRIES

What kind of quick snacks do you reach for when you’re planning for long travel days?