The World Through an Olloclip

Hey everyone!

Just dropping in to share a little tidbit that we've been getting tons of questions about - our photos! No, its  not an app that makes our photos look like they're taken with a fisheye lens... it IS a fisheye lens! And full disclosure, THIS IS NOT SPONSORED!

If you've been with us for a while, you'll remember tat a few years ago we were taking similar photos like these ones on a ton of our trips and travels. Since then, we've gotten newer phones and with that, newer lenses and cases from Olloclip.

Haven't heard of them? Read more about it here!

The gist of what these lenses are is that they literally clip in to your Olloclip phone case, and they can be changes with a quick little click and swap. Each lens clip actually has a separate lens for the front-facing camera and the back. The two that we tend to use the most are Fisheye and Ultra Wide Angle.


We love that these lenses help us to capture MORE in the moment and they're compact enough to literally clip on to your keychain. What do you think? Would you get one for yourself? Maybe for a friend? Tell us what you think!