Exploring The Broad in Los Angeles

Well, would ya look at us!

We're checking off activities from our LA Bucket List!

This time, we visited The Broad Museum in Downtown Los Angeles. Nick and I have been trying to visit The Broad since it opened in 2015, so this was a very big deal for us! After coming up with excuse after excuse for why we couldn't schedule time to go see this museum, we finally say "F*CK IT, LET'S JUST GO!" The tricky part about getting to The Broad is finding tickets for the time and date you need because they're usually sold out. Nick and I got an insider tip recently to check for people selling their tickets on Craig's List, and what do ya know... we found some!

Nick was the first to point out that this museum was very "our vibe".

It was the first time since we have been back from Europe that I felt those similar "European museum" feels that you get when wandering through the halls, admiring massive historical pieces of art.

The primary reason why we wanted to come see The Broad is because of the specific artists and art pieces on exhibit there.

Two of our favorite artists have multiple works on display; the artists being Jean-Michel Basquiat and Roy Lichtenstein.

If you plan on visiting Los Angeles, or live here already, we highly recommend paying The Broad a visit. It's in a gorgeous part of Downtown Los Angeles and you can make a whole day of it if you like!


Hope you enjoyed our photos!

Let us know where you think we should visit next!



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