New YouTube Video | Jenna's 10 Days in Thailand

Hey there!

It's Jenna!

Just wanted to pop in and say hiiii! I've posted a new video on our YouTube Channel of my 10 Days in Thailand. I went back through all my photos and video from the trip and realized I had quite a bit of cellphone and camera video, so though I'd put it all together in one place. I created this video just for my own keeping but I've been sharing it with friends and family who ask to see more from my trip. After asking on Twitter if I should place it on our YT and getting 100% Yes votes back, I've put it up for your viewing pleasure. 

Please be kind! This was a lot of random video that wasn't meant for any kind of professional work and was partially shot on a camera not meant for excellent video-taking!

Alright - that's all I've got to say. :) Here it is!

This video was never meant to be shared publicly so please excuse the nature of its' quality! I realized I had quite a bit of footage from my trip and decided to turn it into one long video. None of it was taken with the intent to create any kind of long-form video.

Questions about my trip? ASK AWAY!

I'd love to share more information about my time in Thailand with those who are interested in hearing about it!