Fall + Winter Traditions

This post is sponsored by Celestial Seasonings but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Is everyone else overjoyed that it’s finally fall?!

Though we love summer and everything it offers, there’s just something extra special about the chillier, cozier months of the year. Over the years, Nick and I have developed some of our own traditions for this season, and we want to share a few of those things with you!

First, and possibly most entertaining, is sleepovers.

Yeah, you read that correctly. We have sleepovers - in our own house - on our own couch - as two grown adults. Let me explain how this all started. A few years back, we had gotten our first Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and in our excitement, decided we didn’t want to sleep in our room where we couldn’t enjoy the tree. So at first, we camped out for a night on our couch (which has a queen sized bed chaise lounge on one end) but that turned into an every night event, and eventually we realized we’d spent an entire month sleeping in our living room to admire the tree. We’ve kept up the tradition over the years, and added a few things to it!

Our next tradition is something I think a lot more people can relate to…

…and that’s creating a holiday movie list. Every year, right around this time, we sit down and make our “must-watch” list of holiday films, favorite films, and even a few spooky ones. I guess this is slightly different for us because Nick always is home around the holiday season, so we utilize that time to binge all our favorite movies together because we can’t for most of the year while he’s traveling. The list absolutely begins with Halloween flicks, catching up on TV/streaming series, revisiting our favorite animated features and finally rewatching our holiday go-to’s until we drive ourselves nutty.

To go along with our couch hangs and cooler weather, we have tea.

Tons and tons and tons and TONS of tea. I’ve mentioned it in the past, but we drink a lot of tea in our household. I’m terrible at staying hydrated, and one of my best friends introduced to me not too long along ago the benefits of tea, and how it’s a fun way to trick yourself into staying hydrated. For me, the benefits are great but what I love most of all is the soothing, cozy feeling that comes from drinking seasonal tea. We’ve just paid a visit to our neighborhood Walmart to stock up on a few favorites and new flavors, as well - Vermont Maple Ginger, Honey Vanilla Chamomile, and Sleepytime (all by Celestial Seasonings). If you love spiced, zesty yet calming flavors, I highly recommend giving Vermont Maple Ginger and Honey Vanilla Chamomile a whirl. Right now, my absolute favorite is anything with Chamomile so that one really knocks it out of the park! Nick is all about maple, so you can assume he’s hooked on that blend. Sleepytime is something I keep on hand all year long because I have a difficult time unwinding at the end of the day, and it helps me relax to have a cup before bed. I grew up drinking Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Teas with the little illustration of a bear in pjs on the box. I have to admit that it makes me happy see they still use the same art for the box!

Another Nick + Jenna tradition for this season is a road trip.

Now that the sun has chilled out a bit, we can finally head out somewhere near-by(ish) in our jeans and sweatshirts for some fun. Living in Southern California has a ton of perks but one massive perk is being so close to a ton of other beautiful destinations. Some years, we make the trek out to Las Vegas which is only a few hours away. Other years, we’ve gone to Palm Springs which is even closer and still warm enough to enjoy during their off-season. This year, we’ve already paid Palm Springs a “fall visit” but we’d also like to head up the coast later this winter. There are a few stops on the way up California’s coastline that we’ve talked about seeing and this just might be the year we finally do it! The best part about our end-of-year trips are that they usually cost little to nothing because it’s not typically the time of year people visit places like the desert or beaches. Let me tell you, these places are still stunning and enjoyable at all times of the year, and even less crowded in the cooler months.