Taste of Downtown Disney | A CHOC Fundraiser

whewww! We have been SO busy the last few weeks — since Nick arrived back home, actually. This time of year seems to be consistently jam-packed for us, and this year the nonstop nature of daily life is 100% unrelenting. Let’s continue catching you up on everything we’ve been up to…

Last week, we had that absolute pleasure of joining the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) for another one of their AMAZING fundraisers in partnership with Disneyland Resort. This event is called Taste of Downtown Disney, and I like to describe is as a ‘crawl’ of sorts but think “gourmet chefs”, “incredible flavors”, “one-of-a-kind experiences”, and “world class entertainment”!

This fundraiser is excellent for those who want to participate in supporting the Children’s Hospital through their event efforts, but either can’t attend CHOC Walk or prefers something more adult. Because Taste of Downtown Disney is all about fantastic food and drink, you won’t find a ton of kiddos wandering through the attendees. Let us explain how this event works!

When you arrive at the event, you’ll pick up your lanyard with a checklist of all the stops on the back. You’ll be designated a “first stop” in the rotation so that none of the restaurants gets too congested with Taste of Downtown Disney attendees.

Each of the 4 stops is hosted by one of the restaurants in DTD. They host the group in a private area where they serve specially curated food and drink items (not found on their usual menu) and after 30 minutes or so, you’ll move with your group the next stop in the rotation. It gives you the opportunity to mingle, enjoy your food and beverages in a beautiful and comfortable setting. The two of us LOVED every second of it.

We ended the night in the Jazz Kitchen’s private upstairs suite, transformed into a jazz themed speakeasy! Complete with live entertainment and decadent desserts, we stayed until the last of the attendees had left because we were having SUCH a wonderful time. We really can’t recommend this fantastic evening out for a charitable cause enough!!! The two of us can’t wait until next year, and we’ll be bringing plenty of our friends and family, as well!