Sweet Snacks for my Sweet Guy

Woohoo! It's finally feeling like summertime!

Nick is home from tour so it feels a little bit like we're on our own "summer break" right now! I guess the difference is that we're still working regularly, as I work from home everyday, and he's still conducting plenty of band-related business from the house, as well!

It's hot and sunny here in Los Angeles, CA but we can't seem to find much time to do all the outdoors stuff we'd love to do because we're still stuck indoors the majority of the day, working away on our computers, taking calls, and only leaving the house to run errands or take meetings. 

With that being said, I'm trying to spice things up a bit and make it more fun/summer-y inside our home! That means, you guessed right, ICE CREAM!

I've been calling Nick "my dairy king" since we started dating yearrrrs ago.

Feel free to laugh! It always makes me giggle a bit when I pull out that nickname on him! Seriously, though....this guy loves his ice cream.

When we discovered these incredible My/Mo Mochi flavors, the ice cream-snack game was officially changed!

Fun fact: Nick's favorite flavor of ice cream is Cookies & Cream

Guess what flavor My/Mo Mochi comes in.... COOKIES & CREAM!

Talk about a match made in heaven! It's literally the perfect anytime snack for us! They come in a ton of incredible flavors for my ice cream-loving fella.

Even better, you can pair them with anything and everything - coconut flakes, sprinkles, fruit, chia seeds, etc.!

We really enjoyed fresh strawberries with the Vanilla Bean flavor!

These little Green Tea flavored My/Mo Mochi made a precious (and slightly hilarious) little snack for my sweet guy! He cracked up when he saw I put candy eyeballs on it!




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