Jenna's Birthday Surprise!

Hey there, everyone!

I hope you've all been enjoying your holiday season - I know we have been!

The beginning of the month was slow and for us but as Nick's birthday came and went, we started to fully immerse ourselves in more holiday festivities! The bulk of our holiday spirit hit when we went out of town for a short while. We spent our Christmas together in San Diego with our parents and family and even celebrated my birthday with them a tad early, just because Nick had planned a surprise for me on my actual birthday.

If you've been following us on Instagram and Twitter, you saw Nick surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas! That's not it either, he took me to a few of my favorite restaurants AND my favorite Vegas show - ALL A SURPRISE!

Let me explain a bit more...

Before my birthday, Nick had told me he was going to be in charge of handling the day since I have mixed feelings about birthdays. He said, "Leave it all to me! We're going to have a great day."

When we got home from being in San Diego for Christmas, there was an envelope sitting on the kitchen counter with my name on it. Nick told me I had to open it because it was for my birthday. If you know me, then you know how uncomfortable this made me almost immediately and I protested that it "wasn't my birthday yet" since it was the evening of the 26th (my birthday is the 27th). He just laughed and shushed me and asked me again to open the card.

Upon opening up this hilarious card with a tiki-looking figure jiggling around chanting "OOGA CHAKA", I read Nick's writing inside. The last line of the cryptic message said "Pack your bags..."

I still had NO idea what we were doing. He had mislead me into thinking we might be driving somewhere (just to throw me off the 'Vegas scent') and said "It's a bit chilly so pack casual clothes, a few dressy outfits and some warm, comfortable pajamas". This wasn't helping my confusion, so I figured I had better just cover all my bases and grab my go-to's (including my new jammies from ClimateRight by Cuddl Duds at Walmart) just to ensure no matter where we went, I'd be a happy camper! Turns out I packed perfectly!

How gorgeous is the room Nick booked for us?!

I could not be happier that I decided to bring my ClimateRight at Walmart pjs. Not only are they ridiculously comfortable, breathable and warm, but they also don't break the bank! Each piece is less than $10 so you can sleep in affordable luxury. Not to mention, Walmart offers free in-store pickup or 2-day free shipping (with a qualifying $35 purchase).

I had no idea where we were going until Nick said we had to go get into the car for a long drive, and instead lead me to the sidewalk outside our house where a car picked us up and drove us to the airport. Then we got to LAX where I still had no clue what our destination might be! After checking our luggage and seeing my boarding pass, I finally knew we were on our way to Vegas!

It was such an amazing few days, filled with the best food, the ultimate relaxation, plenty of window shopping and bath bombs a-plenty!

I haven't even mentioned another little surprise ( for me and now for you! ) that we're back home in Los Angeles now, but taking off for another trip in only 5 days from today! Any guesses where we're headed?! I'm squirming with excitement about this second surprise trip with my sweet husband! You can count on me bringing my new favorite ClimateRight at Walmart jimjams along for the trip, as well! It's going to be a bit chilly where we're headed and I know I'll be living blissfully in our hotel at night in this soft set.



Stay tuned for our next adventure, and stay warm this season in ClimateRight by Cuddl Duds at Walmart!



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