Tips + Tricks For Your Summertime Travel!

Hi, all! It's Jenna!

I'm here to talk organization, travel, and (everyone's favorite) beauty products!

If you haven't noticed, there's a ton of travel that goes on in our lives - be it for work, pleasure, or simply visiting our families in other cities and states. Being on the go all the time can get super stressful and hectic. We often have a short window of time between trips, where even squeezing in the time to do laundry gets tricky!

If you're wondering why this is a "Jenna" thing, it's because I'm the packer! 

That's right - Nick doesn't pack his bags when he leaves for tour. I do! Surprised? Don't be! Most of the us ladies help our boys get organized and find creative ways to squeeze in months-worth of clothes into their suitcases! ;)

Having reliable go-to products for travel is SO important. Not just for travel but it makes life SO much more organized (and thusly less stressful) when you're at home. I'm going to be sharing a few of my tips and tricks to staying organized and on-the-go, not just because it's something everyone can benefit from, but also because Nick and I are about to leave for our long-awaited honeymoon. We'll be traveling Europe and the U.K. for 2 weeks with only our carry-on luggage and a personal bag each. Cramming 14 days worth of outfits, outerwear, shoes and cosmetics would be a challenge for anyone, but we can absolutely do it all too easily and I'm about to tell you how!

First of all, roll your clothes. You'll save so much space in your luggage if you tightly roll your clothes. Don't forget to create outfits that have pieces you can mix and match so you'll be able to get more mileage out of them without having to outfit repeat! Plan ahead, and think about the weather, what shoes are NEEDED (we all want to bring 10 different pairs but end up wearing 1 or 2) and stick with your travel sized cosmetics!

Ladies, as much as we would all love to bring our entire bathroom along with us on vacation, it's 100% unnecessary and you'd totally regret carting around all the extra products you didn't need or never used. I'm going to share one of my MUST-HAVE makeup goodies with you guys that is key to not just traveling, but everyday life! So if you're like how I used to be, you may be able to benefit from my packing list and cut-back on all that overpacking!

My Vanity Planet Palette Makeup Brush collection!

I cannot emphasize enough how much I LOVE this makeup brush set. It honestly has completely changed my makeup routine entirely. It's enormously beneficial to have everything SO organized and at the tip of your fingers! 15 extra soft brushes, all stored together in a sleek faux-leather rollout pouch... um yes please!!! Truth be told, I'm guilty of rushing to pack my bags to leave for a last minute trip;  totally forgetting ALL of my assorted and scattered about makeup brushes.... Thanks to Vanity Planet and this awesome set, I'll never do that again! Not to mention I'm prepared for any and all occasions now with this complete set of brushes  - be it full glam or a neutral, low maintenance, quick out-the-door look! With that being said, I can always bring this travel-friendly little bundle of brushes in my carry-on bag or purse to get myself ready on flights! I never fly with makeup on so this is a massive help for me, as I always put my makeup on just before landing.  Have I mentioned its only $35?! (Usually $100) I'm all about an amazing deal on fantastic products!

Sound like a dream come true? It absolutely is!

Grab yourself a Vanity Planet Palette Makeup Brush collection HERE! Vanity Planet was kind enough to share a few discount codes with me to pass on to you! I've listed them below!

Spin For Perfect Skin: SpinSpring70 (70% off the spin brush)

Hair: SpringHair25 (25% off anything in the hair subheader)

Palette: MakeUpSpring70 (70% off  makeup brushes)

By the way...

If you don't have a facial cleansing brush, what the heck are you waiting for?! I've been hooked on mine for years and my skin can't thank me enough for it!! Vanity Planet has an awesome facial brush called Spin For Perfect Skin! Since it comes with 4 different brush heads, this baby is perfect for anyone! It's normally $100 but is now just $35! Do yourself a favor and jump on the deal! Again, these are also rad for travel.


We're SO excited for our trip and counting down the day til departure! Questions or thoughts? Leave them for us below! We want to hear from you guys!



Jenna + Nick