Our Summer Travel Plans + Upcoming Adventures

This post is sponsored by Tazo Iced Tea but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Our summer together has just begun, and as you might already know, Nick leaves again for tour in less than a month! June is always a crazy month for us anyway, since we've got Nick's Mom's birthday, Jenna's Dad's birthday, Father's Day and our anniversary. Yeah, it's a lot!

It feels like everyday already is filled up in the planner, with simple to-do's, double dates and even a short anniversary trip to one of our favorite spots. 

It's not a new thing for us to be so busy but we love sharing what we're getting into and how we're spending our time together. 

Since Nick arrived back in Los Angeles a few days ago, we've been running plenty of errands, catching up seeing the latest movies in theaters, heading to our favorite theme parks, grabbing gourmet ice cream nearby,  and all with a million more upcoming plans for this month!


The adventure doesn't end in Los Angeles!

We're heading down to San Diego soon to celebrate family (as previously mentioned) and you best believe we can't leave San Diego without a proper visit to the fair! This upcoming weekend, we're heading back out to Pasadena to wander through the hidden treasures of the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday, which is also National Iced Tea Day!

I'm a big tea drinker, and Nick has been following my lead lately so there's a lot of tea consumption in our household. This month has already been abundant with bringing out favorite iced teas, Tazo bottled iced tea, along with us for all our many adventures.