Home Away From Home | Orlando

We recently partnered with Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive to experience even more of what Orlando has to offer. They were kind enough to host us throughout our weekend in Orlando, including accommodations, tickets to The Wheel at ICON Park, and other amenities. This post is sponsored but the thoughts and opinions shared below are our own.


We went on a vacation to do an early anniversary celebration in Orlando and we decided to stay at Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive… again! After we had stayed there in May on our quick weekend trip, we were already planning on when we could come back & stay there again. So.. we did just that! I can’t speak highly enough about our experience with Wyndham I-Drive — to the customer service, the concierge, the location in relation to everything we like doing, the awesome pools, & the special attention we receive — it’s such a perfect place to plan a trip, specially centered around celebrating an anniversary. 

To some people, an Orlando trip means bringing a family including children. For us, an Orlando trip means just Jenna & I enjoying our time together while also acting like children. Haha! But really, we truly have so much fun visiting Orlando & staying at Wyndham I-Drive, where we can decompress in our awesome room, relax by the pool, or have it be the place where we rest our heads after a day of hitting up the theme parks. Spending time there has played a role in our relationship since we first started seeing each other. Quite literally, Orlando is the first trip we ever went on together. So, our time spent in Orlando is familiar, but also something special to us that we like to incorporate yearly into our busy schedules.

Spending our anniversary there only makes sense because of the history we’ve built together in Orlando, and now specifically, Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive

This time around, we had the time to spend at the pool the morning that we arrived! It was quiet and we got quality hang time in with the ducks, as well. How perfect was it getting off a red eye flight in the morning, going straight to Wyndham I-Drive, and jumping into the pool? It was beyond perfect. The staff was also so accommodating to us when we arrived and it just felt like the perfect way to kick off our anniversary getaway. It’s those little things that just make the trip that much better and more special. 

Later in the day when we were relaxing in our room, they brought us some special treats and wanted to check in that our stay was going well. The attention given to celebrating our anniversary was really kind & much appreciated on our end. It’s not expected from us, so when those kind of moments happen, we appreciate it beyond words. 

I have to say, we were thoroughly entertained by all the ducks on the property. Every morning when we’d open our curtains, they would all immediately waddle their way to our porch and just hang out. Sounds cheesy a bit, but it was insanely cute and we got a kick out of it during our stay. Well.. I know I did. Haha!

The icing on the cake to our anniversary getaway was Wyndham I-Drive setting us up with a “romance capsule” night spin on The Wheel at ICON Park, which is conveniently located within walking distance to the hotel. The staff at The Wheel were so hospitable and took amazing care of us. Hovering over the Orlando skyline at 400 feet late at night alongside the love of my life is an incredible experience.

On our trip in May, we did this during the day, but I think I preferred the nighttime spin and ending the night on a high note. Get it? Sorry, I had to throw in a Dad joke. 

In the end, we can’t thank Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive enough for having us and making our early anniversary getaway extremely enjoyable & relaxing. That’s all that any couple would want going on a vacation together & just wanting to enjoy the time together and nothing else. Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive really made that happen for us.

A few days after we got home from this trip, we started saying to each other, “When are we going back?”

If that doesn’t give the seal of approval from us, I don’t know what else does.