Staying Close, No Matter The Distance

Hey all. Jenna here!

Today I want to talk a little bit about something that Nick and I get asked about all the time.

"How do you deal with the distance?"

There are a lot of factors that go into what determines how long Nick is away for, how often, where he has to travel to, etc. And in addition to all that, things come up last minute all the time. Nothing is a surprise for us, as we both know exactly what we have signed up for. This is a lifestyle that we have chosen to commit to. With that being said, here's the one simple tool that we exercise to manage being away from one another as much as we have to be, at times.


Do you maybe have that one friend you text all day, everyday, sending each other stupid photos of something silly you did, that huge bug bite you woke up with, a picture of the mouth watering pizza you're about to devour, a cute dog you passed on the street?... you get the jist. Nick and I are that. We talk all day everyday. About everything. Woke up in the middle of the night to grab a drink of water? Text. Wake up in the morning? FaceTime. We don't have any routine or expectations about calling or texting, we just genuinely like talking to one another. 

It can be really tricky navigating the dramatic difference between our time zones when he's abroad but that's when communication matters most. I forgot to mention he never has any privacy or time alone, so if we want to hear one another, we have to have our headphones handy.

My husband is always surrounded by a number of very loud people (I say that with the utmost love and fondness! LOL) which can be really hard when we are trying to talk on the phone. Having our earbuds in gives us the only "privacy" we can get when he's away. Nick and I both have cordless headphones that come in a little pod, which they charge inside of. I'm not too proud to say it, I'm totally scatterbrained and in my multitasking fury, I tend to forget where I last left my little pod of ear buds.

Our communication being so important and the key to staying connected despite the distance, me losing my headphones would be devastating. Thank goodness I finally got Tile to attach to my case!

It's odd to explain it this way, but I feel an emotional importance associated with my headphones because they are so deeply important to my relationship with my husband. 

If you're not familiar with Tile, let me give you the basics. It's the world's best-selling Bluetooth tracker and its meant for those of us who lose our most precious items, whether it be your keys, bike or even your favorite handbag...that's what it's for! These little cutie Tiles easily hook, stick or slide onto your beloved (or potentially continuously lost belonging) to help you keep you up on the whereabouts of what matters most!

True story : Nick has a crazy schedule and sometimes can only chat for a short while, so when he calls I try to be ready to FaceTime! Recently, I went out to run errands and thought I put the pod in my pocket because I knew Nick would probably be calling soon. I drove around, running all my errands only to come back home a few hours later, and pull into my driveway... when I immediately started sweating and panicking because I realized I couldn't feel the pod in my pocket. For close to 45 minutes, I tore apart my car searching for them. I ran inside and searched through our house, wondering if I had dropped them before heading out the door earlier. Then, sure enough, I found it.... in a pocket inside my purse. 🙄  Crisis averted. But to be completely honest, its not the only time I've misplaced them, but now that I've got Tile it will be the last chaotic meltdown I have to endure! 

For instance, I use it for our smallest TV remote that gets misplaced at least once a day, my sunglasses case, my external drive that holds my professional portfolio, and my passport holder that carries my passport (you can never be too safe).

I love how small and compact Tile is and how easy you can attach it to whatever you like.

"Communication is key" was a saying that I remember hearing a lot as a kid, and now as an adult I truly understand the importance of that statement. With all the craziness that life throws at us, I'm grateful to be able to have excellent communication with my partner, and now more than ever we're able to squeeze the most out of that, stress-free with Tile! Not to mention, we never have to lose cherished belongings again, regardless of what they might be, ever again! 😄


What would you put your Tile on?!

Your planner? Your skateboard? Your dog leash? Let us know!


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