5 Amazing Ways To Start Your Day

Now, I know we can't be the only ones who sometimes struggle in the mornings. ;)

I'll admit I'm the worst at mornings... Before Nick and I got together, I was not at all a morning person. But this guy has really helped me to change my outlook on mornings, however I will say that on occasion I battle to get my life together in the AM.

There's nothing better than feeling like you've had the most productive day ever, and that can't happen without a strong start!

How to ensure you're making the most out of your day and morning? We've got your back... here are a few ways to kick booty in the AM!


Open the window blinds, pull back those curtains, get that Vitamin D! Play some happy music, set the vibe for a fantastic day!


It's science and you'll feel 100000000 times more prepared to take on the day. So take the extra 60 seconds and make that bed!


Make a list of what you need to get done tomorrow or tomorrow morning, that way you can get a focused jump on the day (even if your brain isn't fully on yet, which happens to me often).


Pick out your clothes the night before so you have a less stressful morning! Most people spend too much time rooting around their closets in the morning, which can make you late! Be pre-pared, be- e- pre-pared!


Nick and I could NOT make it through the day without our morning beverages. Coffee is great but your body needs way more than caffeine to keep on trekking! Kiwami Greens is an AWESOME way to get some of that extra fuel you need to stay healthy and kick butt all day long! 

With little ready-to-go packets you can take with you anywhere, there's no excuse for not getting your "greens"! Lately, our health journey has inspired us to start making Acai Bowls at home, which (you guessed it) we put our Kiwami Greens into. The best part about using Kiwami Greens has been that it doesn't impact the flavor of whatever you're putting it into!

Drop it into your water, juice, milk, yogurt, whatever you're feeling - and voilá!

What is it you ask? It's made from Ashitaba - a plant that's lonnnnnng been used in Japanese medicine and is jam-freakin'-packed with calcium, vitamins B, C, and E, iron, fiber, and folic and amino acids. Oh btw it totally gets even better than that... you can get a monthly subscription send to your house so you never have to go without your daily Kiwami Greens! That's what we do. :)

Last bit of amazing information for ya...

use code SUMMER10 to get a discount on your first box!

See us in action, getting the best possible start on our day!


Hope you enjoyed reading some of our tried and true tricks on defeating morning woes! We hope it helps some of you guys if you tend to struggle (like Jenna does) in the AM!

What helps you get in gear on those challenging mornings? Let us know in the comments below!



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