Spring Snacking in San Diego

Hey everyone! 

Jenna, here! I'm back in San Diego for a few days before I fly out for an Alaskan adventure, and I've been spending some chill time with family and friends. One thing I absolutely love about visiting San Diego is seeing old friends. 

One this short visit, I only had a short amount of freetime and we took advantage of the opportunity to pay a visit to the amazing aquarium here in North County, San Diego and also heading down to the San Diego Bay. The weather had been so wonderful lately, so I knew I'd plan for shorts-weather and some Springtime sunshine down by the beach, which is where the aquarium sits, and obviously the bay too! 

Bringing snacks along for days like these is essential. We could spend hours there, or immediately set off for another little adventure. That actually happened when meeting up with another friend the next day, we started at a coffee shop and ended up at the Sunset Cliffs overlooking the Pacific!

For almost all of my days out, I try to bring along my trusty lemon-cooler bag. On the aquarium day, I filled it with more of my favorite travel treats for warm days; My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream. I had made a special stop at the grocery to snag a few flavors to bring along with my during my friend/family visits around town, so I opted to start with Green Tea first (as I know this particular friend loves it), and leave Strawberry and Sweet Mango in the freezer for a different outing.

I love how portable, delicious and quick these snacks are. My friend's son had his kid snacks, and we had our adult snacks! This won't be my last spring outing in San Diego but I've got to get back to packing for much colder weather! In the meantime, I'll be snacking away on another box of My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream!