A Few Clever Ways To Be Your Own Valentine

Howdy, loves!

Jenna, here. This one is a pretty straight-forward but very personal bit from me. If you follow our lives on our socials, you’ll have seen that Nick is currently on tour overseas right now. That means we’ll be spending Valentine’s Day apart, but guess what… neither of us is losing sleep over it.

Let me tell you why.

Now almost 30, I spent a lot of years dateless on Valentine’s Day, feeling sorry for myself and getting super depressed… Does it sound ridiculous? Or maybe familiar? Yeah, well now I’m married and still spending plenty of holidays solo - without my other half. It’s not that I didn’t have boyfriends or dates other times of the year, but when I was younger, I always put so much energy into what the holiday is known for (chocolates, roses, jewelry, fancy dinners, romance, etc. you know the deal) which always resulted in me being disappointed and lonely. I used to allow myself to believe that those things were important in life, especially on Feb. 14th.


Nick and I have spent a few Valentine’s Days together since we’ve been together. One in Nashville, and one in Park City, UT; both were during really difficult times in our lives so both Feb 14th celebrations were the furthest thing from romantic or in any way perfect. I would NOT change these experiences for anything because they reinforced a fact that I wish I’d come around to in my early 20’s.

February 14th is just another day.


That doesn’t mean it can’t be special. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate love. That doesn’t mean you can’t do something nice for the ones you love.

But you can also do all of those wonderful things ANYDAY.

I believe that it’s so important to live in that mindset always. Not just one day a year, or just on holidays. I’m grateful for any and all days that I get to spend with my darling husband. Complaining about him not being here on any specific day would be an insult to every wonderful day together that we’ve had or will have in the future. I could never stand the thought of cheapening the love and appreciation I feel just to share life with Nick. In years before that, even when I was single, who cares?! It really doesn’t matter, anyway! Our society put so much pressure on relationships, vanity, keeping up with everyone else - but none of that really matters at the end of the day! Presents don’t matter. Fancy dinners don’t matter. Expensive gifts and cards don’t really matter. So why put so much weight in all of that???

With all that being said, I’m taking back the control this Hallmark holiday had over me for so many of my younger years and I’m making some BIG changes.

Instead of being sad or feeling sorry for myself on Valentine’s Day because I’ll be alone, I’m going to funnel all my warm holiday fuzzies into being my own Valentine!

Here’s how you can turn that dateless-Valentine’s Day frown upside down and join me in the fun.

  • Take yourself out for coffee or tea.

  • Spend some time exploring the bookstore.

  • Go thrifting + pick up a small treasure for yourself.

  • Sushi date : party of 1!

  • Head to the movies for a matineé. Definitely get a popcorn!

  • Spend the day in your pjs, + binge your favorite show.

  • Grab something to-go and take yourself on a picnic.

  • Take a walk outside in your favorite park or people-watching spot.

  • Dress up for YOU in your favorite outfit + go get dessert.

  • Draw a bath, facemask it up.

  • Spring cleaning! Go thru your closet + donate to charity.

Do you have any ideas I didn’t mention?
Share them with me! Tell me your plans. :)

Sending you guys tons of hugs and warmth! Not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day!