Healthy + Simple Seasonal Snacks

Hey all!

So I’ve already addressed on my socials that we don’t exactly get the “seasons” that the rest of country tends to get HOWEVER we’re allowed to enjoy Fall our own way here in Southern California - through Fall flavors! Before you jump to conclusions, I’ll mention that this food post only has one mention of pumpkin in it, for those of you who aren’t too keen on the “pumpkin craze”. ;P

Let’s jump into it!

As always, all of these items are ordered from Milk & Eggs which is where you can find the ready-to-eat product themselves, or simply the fresh produce to get you started.

New York Style Vegan Cheesecake

I rarely dig through the dessert section of the Milk & Eggs site, but this time something spectacular caught my eye and I couldn’t say no. Turns out, I made a fantastic choice because this ready-to-nom, locally made Vegan Cheesecake stole my heart. I didn’t realize initially that it came with a small size of berry compote to set up top, but once I opened the packaging and saw it, it was game over - as in the entire slice was immediately devoured and I miss it so. Which means I’ll be ordering it again ASAP! HIGHLY recommend if you’re an LA local!

Cinnamon Apple “Chips”

I used to have a thing for snacking on chips while I worked. Kind of a mindless eating habit that isn’t amazing for you long term, but then I started trying to work in raw fruit chips which lead me to trying to make my own at home! When I’m putting together our grocery order, I always start with the Fruit tab and stock up on fresh apples. Milk & Eggs offers a Farm Sampler Bag of 10-12 mixed apples, fresh from the best local farms - all for $5.99! It’s my go-to first item in our cart, and I’m excited to be trying out new ways to enjoy my apples. I found the Apple Chip recipe on Pinterest here.

Fresh Baguette + Laura Ann’s Jams Maple Pumpkin Butter

I don’t typically go for bread products because of my allergies, but one things I do allow myself to enjoy (safe from allergic reactions) is a fresh baguette from Bread Lounge (for $2.49), ordered and delivered via Milk & Eggs. One of our favorite fall flavors is maple, so when I came across this Maple Pumpkin Butter I just had to order it! Nick is all about maple, and I’m really into pumpkin - especially when it’s the real deal, so after I check the very short list of ingredients on the jar, detailing the real ingredients used (meaning REAL pumpkin) it was a done deal. And what’s a baguette without it’s tasty spread?! This combo makes for a quick and delicious breakfast to go with your coffee, or just a fun snack to enjoy while you’re working away and don’t remember to eat regular meals (like I do) LOL

Maple Vanilla Baked Pears

Here it is - my FAVORITE part of this post; these gorgeously delicious baked pears! Again, I found this recipe on Pinterest here, and went into this baking project with no idea how it would turn out. Without realizing it, I picked a recipe that slightly intimidated me and ended up surprising myself, especially when I realized I already had all the ingredients on hand. I knew that we loved pears on their own, but felt really inspired to make something slightly more exciting and seasonally themed which is why I picked this recipe to try out. It was so easy…. like SO ridiculously easy! The flavors are divine and you can expect to see me making this at least 10 more times this holiday season.

Curt’s Classic Onion Rings

Alright maybe this doesn’t totally count as “seasonal” but it is simple and healthy! One of my favorite things about Milk & Eggs is constantly being introduced to new brands and products that I can’t help but fall in love with. Something I keep coming back to that helps me snack but also keep it healthy is Raw Food Central, and their many raw snacks! These are my jam right now - they’re Curt’s Classic Onion Rings, which taste just like a diner’s onion ring but don’t have all the greasy unhealthy accompaniments of diner food! If you’re onion-obsessed like me, these will be your new bff.

Yvonne’s Vegan Goatless Cheese

We’re back to Yvonne’s Vegan greatness with their unbelievable Goatless Cheese! If I hadn’t told you this cheese was vegan, you’d never know! It’s blend of cranberry and dill seasoning creates an immense wave of holiday feels, memories of being surrounded by friends and family, and the “bring on x-mas!” attitude! If you haven’t yet entered the world of amazing cashew and nut cheese, make this your first stop!

That pretty much wraps up our list! Hopefully you’re inspired to try out a new recipe or product we’ve shared. If you’re in the Greater Los Angeles area and haven’t given Milk & Eggs a whirl yet, now’s the time!

Be sure to use our code twosmallfries at checkout for $20 off an order of $40 or more!