September Skincare

We're approaching the end of September so it's about time I reported back to all of you about the latest Glossier products I've tried out this month!

I've known for a little while that I wanted to try out the Glossier Pure serum but earlier this month, I finally made my move and sprung for it!

My skin is beyond temperamental. Truthfully, I've been struggling with horrible allergy-related facial acne since my early 20's which has progressively gotten worse in my late 20's. All those products you're thinking to recommend to me - I've tried them. The gentle facial wash the doctor recommended - couldn't use it. My skin is so sensitive that even Cetaphil makes me eyes swell shut, and my face turn bright red. Yeah, it's really serious... I'm careful about what products I use regularly, including my cosmetics (which I'll dig into for you all at a later time). Glossier works for me. Not just works, but clears my sensitive, irritable skin and makes me feel more comfortable about my face than I have in a long time. I can't possibly put into words what it feels like to find a line like theirs that does the amazing things it does.

No one pays me to talk about Glossier. It's important you know that.

I'm sharing these tidbits about my skincare journey with hopes that it might be able to benefit others. I have only ever known one person who has experienced the skin-related difficulties that I've encountered, and I only met her within the last 2 years! If you can relate to any of the weird skin problems I've described, just know you are so very not alone!!! 

More than anything, you should know that quality skincare does not have to cost a fortune. It can be affordable and there are ways to get your hands on it! Glossier is an prime example of just that.

I'm using the Glossier Mask Duo regularly, in combo with each other. Sometimes I just go for a Galaxy Greens Mask at the end of the day, but what I totally can't get enough of is when I take my makeup off and I can feel how irritated my skin in is from the weather, being outdoors, or whatever, I can slap on the Galaxy Greens for 20 minutes and follow it up with the Moisturizing Moon Mask for 20 minutes - and all of a sudden my skin looks and feels absolutely clear + happy! You guys, my skin almost never looks happy... actually it tends to look angry.

So omg Glossier, you're the freakin' B E S T.

My daytime moisturizer is still the Moisturizing Primer. If you've never used this before, know that it's super buildable so if you have combination skin like I do, you can use a little or a lot depending upon what your changing needs might be! They call it "Primer" because it doesn't leave a shiny/greasy appearance after applying, in fact it's more natural looking than anything else. Your face it literally "primed" and ready for makeup! They also have a Rich version of this for even more dry skin-types!

As always, my Rose Balm Dotcom never leaves my side. I've gotten more adventurous and started using it on my cheekbones for a natural "glow" effect. Highly recommend.

In case you didn't know, Glossier created a page for all of my friends to shop with a discount! You can find it HERE.

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