Sending Love

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share something I'd ridiculously jazzed about... It's related to my newest odd obsession that I've been all about for a while now. But first, I'll tell you about how I had the pleasure of attending an event ( Mimosa Crafternoon) last week with Knock Knock to celebrate their collaboration with artist Robert Mahar! A friend got the invite and asked me to be her date! So very glad she let me tag along!!!

It was major #decorationgoals and now I'm feeling like I need to step up my party throwing skills! haha I really can't gush quite enough over the adorable event decor and layout!

So the weird obsession I'm getting to is postcards... yes, postcards.

All credit for my new favorite thing goes to one of my favorite people and good friends, Julia. Julia has been handwriting postcards to her loved ones for years. She travels often and collects them as she goes. Getting a postcard from her is like unwrapping presents on Christmas Day. Julia inspired me to start handwriting special messages to my closest friends and family!

There's something so magical about opening your mailbox to find handwritten letters from someone you love! 

If you're someone close to me, you've probably received one from me at some point in the last 6 months. sidenote: I do my best to find the funniest/most bizarre postcards possible when away, traveling. OKAY.'s the Knock Knock game changer... YOU CAN PAINT YOUR OWN POSTCARDS NOW! Like, at home...

So basically you can do your best Bob Ross impression and use their paint-by-numbers system to create a precious little masterpiece for you favorite people to tape up on their fridge.


Not only did I get to make one of my own at the event, but I got extras to do at home. OH... and they sent us home with a whole pack of the "Cocktails" Postcards, a celebration bow, and frame for our masterpiece we created that day, as well! 

If you're on my list of postcard receivers, prepare yourself for an adorable work of art of show up in your mailbox in the very near future.... 

That's all for now! - I'll leave you with some photos of the super sweet event and my fabulous art skills. LOL


If you're interested in Knock Knock, Robert Mahar, or their adorable little goodies, you can find more HERE!