Self Care 101

We talk a lot of positivity boosters, but not enough ways of delivering self-care when it's time to give yourself some extra TLC. It's only a few months into 2018, but if you're like us, you're up to your ears in to-do's and it might feel like you can never seem to catch up. Sometimes it feels frustrating and overwhelming, even depressing - but the best way to get a grip on things is to slow it down for a second and decompress properly. Today's topic is self-care 101 and we're sharing some easy ways to unwind when you're feeling the weight of the world. 


Take a breather.

Ever tried meditating? For some people, that's their thing! For others, it's difficult and even stressful to try and do properly. Here's an easy option for those of you who don't want to go the meditation route: sit down, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Pay close attention to your breath as air going in, and then out of you. Do this for a few minutes and you'll notice you feel more relaxed. Maybe light a candle if that helps, then close your eyes and mentally go to your happy place.

Treat yourself.

Head over to the grocery story and scoop up that cookie from the bakery you've been eyeballing. There's never been a better time to exercise that "everything in moderation" rule. If a scoop of ice cream is going to ease your mind, then have one. Remember not to over-indulge because that's only going to make you feel worse but if you're thinking today is the day for a special treat, then go treat yo self.

Run yourself a bath, put on a face mask.

Why spend $100's of dollars on a spa day when you can create one for yourself at home? It doesn't cost much to find an invigorating and effective mask! I love this self-heating one by Bioré. It's self warming so it feels heavenly once you put it on. This mask melts away all the dirt and oil built up on your face from the day in only 60 seconds. You'll be looking and feeling refreshed after washing the day away with this fantastic charcoal mask. It heats up, won't harden, and then rinses clean. Feel like royalty and deep clean those pores? Sign me up.

Have a glass of wine.

If you're legal, reach for your favorite vino and pour a glass. Wine is filled with lots of healthy things, but be sure to avoid something overly sweet - a sugar overload isn't going to make you feel all-too great. Unwinding with a little glass of wine can be wonderful, as long as you exercise responsibility!

Put on your favorite movie or show.

Does comedy do for you what it does for me? There are only a few shows that totally suck me in and take me far away from everyday stress. Even though I've watched every episode 20 times, it still makes me a happy little lady to sit down and watch. What's your favorite things to watch? Pop your bum down on the couch and let your favorite movie do the rest. This is another great opportunity to get in some self-pampering. I like to use this time for Bioré's Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips. Time for a little pore strips and chill, yeah? REAL TALK: It’s super satisfying… a deep cleaning you can see for yourself, if you are into that kinda thing! 

Buy yourself some flowers.

Because you deserve it, and because flowers bring life and happiness to every room. 


Do you guys have your own methods of at-home self care? What's something nice that you like to do for yourself from time to time? Happy pampering, all!