Fresh Hair Color for 2019 | Rainbow Peek-A-Boo

We’re back at it with Kristina and this time she’s in a brand new salon, Highland Salon! It’s located in the East Village neighborhood of Downtown San Diego. Talk about a drop dead gorgeous building; exposed brick, sky-high ceilings and plants all around!!!

The new spot is such a dream, and we’re beyond stoked for Kristina to be thriving in her new salon! With that being said, let’s get into her latest works of art!

This time we were quick, in-and-out of the salon. Kristina had us spruced up and out the door in 3 hours… both of us! All new fresh color, trimmed up and can you believe this rainbow peek-a-boo she added to my yellow locks?! The vote was unanimous that we were all loving the yellow so that was part of the conversation going into this color appointment. We also considered peach but ultimately came back to the yellow we’re still totally smitten with. With that being decided, Kristina simply said,”I’m going to put a hidden rainbow underneath so you can see it peek through, but it will show all the way around when you put your hair up.” So naturally, I said, ”YES! Cool!” and we were on our way. Nick stuck with blue tones, but she freshened him up with some different shades of deep and cobalt blue. So bright and really fun!


She’s simply the best at what she does. What else needs to be said?!

If you’re not already following our stylist Kristina on Instagram, be sure to give her a follow. Also, make sure you check out the new salon she’s at Highland Salon.

What do you think about my new rainbow noggin?! Would you get one for your own?!