Fitness Goals & Golden Afternoons

Hi everyone!

We hope you're all enjoying spring as much as we are! It's slightly warmer here in Los Angeles, and we're finding every excuse to get outside and soak up that much needed Vitamin D. Some of you have kept up on our fitness and health routines, which are well in-place when Nick is home. It's important for us to stay on top of on goals which can be tricky to make time for with all the other things we're involved in. The two of us have collaborated to create a weekly schedule with designated workouts and (as you're about to see) post-workout 'dates'. 

With all the work we do, we tend to spend A LOT of time indoors, whether it's at the computer or in the studio. We adore our home but lament over the lack of light that crawls in through our many glass doors and windows. We miss the sun. Our Palm Springs trip with also a byproduct of this same train of thought, so if you've read the post about our most recent getaway to the desert, there you have it! These Small Fries need more sunshine in their lives.

It's awesome that we're on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday workout schedule but the gym is indoors. Again, we miss the sunshine. Even making Wednesday out "outdoor exercise" (ie hiking) day wasn't quite cutting it. Here's what we've implemented in order to get the rays we need; cooking outdoors!

After our workouts, we head straight out to the patio and start enjoying lunchtime. By taking advantage of our amazing barbecue and patio furniture, we're able to cook outside and relax while things sizzle away on the grill. It's beyond relaxing to feel the breeze outside after a hard gym session and sip on a guilt free beer under the warm sun.

Our ingredients are always fresh and organic, both the meat and the produce, so it only makes sense we would become smitten with Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold that's made with organic ingredients, as well! It's nice to be able to indulge in an adult beverage and not feel like we're sacrificing our fitness, and to feel confident we're making a good choice.

The couple days of the week that we do this are quickly becoming my favorite. It's freeing to be outside, under beautiful weather, enjoying a cold beer together, and still feeling great about working towards my goals in the gym. In addition, it's been fantastic to be enjoying great food and beverages made from excellent ingredients that keep our health in mind. Nick is home for another few weeks and we're both definitely looking forward to taking advantage of that time to enjoy more golden afternoons, sweaty workouts, and delicious meals accompanied by beverages that get us.