POP-UP DISNEY! Experience

Just for fun, I thought I’d share a little bit about the Pop-Up Disney! experience I went to a few weeks ago!

It was so much fun and I’d recommend it to any Disney fan.
The whole experience is very whimsical and F -U-N !!!

A little bit about the experience:
It’s located in the old ESPN building at the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort. I went with my friend Sarah, and we spent a Friday night there with very very few other attendees. You do have to buy a ticket to visit (NOT a Park Ticket!) for a reserved time (you can do that HERE) and the cost can vary based off of when you go but you can see that all on their site.I recommend getting there a bit earlier than your chosen reservation time. Parking can take a minute and you should eat before you go in. They have a bathroom in the lobby, but otherwise you have to hold it until you get to the halfway point which could be 30-45 minutes in.

The main point is to take silly / cute / whatever-you-want photos inside of each beautifully designed rooms, all Mickey or Minnie themed! Knowing that, I thought it might be fun to dress the part! You guys know I love a themed outfit.

It’s a go-your-own-pace kind of situation when it’s not busy, otherwise they give you a few minutes (up to 10ish) per display except for one specific room where you get 2-3 minutes tops. We spent about 90 minutes inside - only moving forward, not allowed to go backward - and that definitely felt like enough time. The vibe was really fun and lively, with music to match and I’m really glad Sarah and I were able to go together.

***Just a reminder, this is NOT in the parks!
Anyone can attend without having to buy a Park Ticket

Highly recommend if you’re local to Southern California and are looking for a fun thing to do with friends or even solo - the Cast Members are happy to take your photo for you!

Doesn’t this look like the most fun!?!?
Which room is your favorite? Mine was the Mickey Plush Walls!