Healthy + Simple Pasta-Free Spaghetti

We're back at it with another healthy crockpot recipe!

This has been a favorite in our household for a few months. We've been telling tons of friends and family about our new obsession - spaghetti squash. It is quite literally a vegetable filled with a healthier version of spaghetti pasta, all by the miracle of nature! If you don't know by now, our house is stocked with strictly the best and freshest things; all from Milk & Eggs. What I love the most about this particular recipe is how simple it is to cook. It only has to sit in the crockpot for 4 hours, which makes dinnertime the least stressful part of the day - hands down! I also like to sub out different veggies into the mix.

If you want to know more about the ingredients for this recipe, just click on them below! Milk & Eggs' site is loaded with nutritional information, descriptions, and just about everything else you can imagine!

You can also use onion, mushroom, parsley or any other veggie that you please instead of the kale and celery. I like to use these as it gives a bit more texture to the end result.

Spaghetti (squash) white.png

This is really one of the easiest meals to make and always a crowd pleaser. Not to mention, it always makes for plenty of leftovers which contributes to a stress-free future meal!

Did you try it out yet? Tell us how you like it!