How To Sleep-In + Still Save Time

Life-hack alert! You won't want to skip over this blog post if you're trying to make your busy life easier, like we are!

 As you all know, we do at least one blog article a month talking about our health journey and what we're eating at home. This has been such an awesome way to connect with others who are going through similar things, or attempting to make small changes in their own life to live healthier and happier. We've covered plenty of lunch, dinner, and appetizer options but now we're going to break into the breakfast game. 

Who loves Pinterest as much as I do? (Obvi, it's me...Jenna. ps feel free to follow me there!) So I found some really amazing overnight oats recipes on Pinterest and was somewhat skeptical. I've tried plenty of them before and not been all-too jazzed with the results. But upon finding a "Blueberry Banana Overnight Oats" recipe on Pinterest recently, the lightbulb went on and I suddenly realized how to make this yummy looking time-saver even more yummy. Keep reading.

It's no secret that Nick and I swear by our grocery delivery service, Milk And Eggs, but what we maybe haven’t elaborated on just yet is that they also sell some of the really awesome, but trickier to find products like cacao, goji berries and chia seeds. And I’m sure you’re thinking, “ah but those are all SO pricey.” Not if you scoop them up via Milk And Eggs! They don’t just have those kinds of fancy goodies, but they offer them at a lower price than most competitors because of the way their business works! Sounds super crazy, right? See more HERE.

Back to the overnight oats! Did I already give it away? Well we spruced up those recipes I mentioned earlier with a little help from the above mentioned superfoods; cacao nibs and chia seeds. Nick usually tackles breakfast since I’m slow in the mornings and he wakes up naturally between 5:30am and 6:30am. Yeah, it’s ridiculous… anywho, this is a fun activity we can do together in the evening and it gets us out the door faster in the morning! Alright, let’s get you the delicious deets!

Keep in mind this recipe is for creating 2 different overnight oats.

You’ll need:

·       1 Banana (1/2 per jar)

·       2 jars

·       1/2 cup Blueberries

·       ½ cup Strawberries

·       1 cup Rolled oats (1/2 cup per jar)

·       1 cup Cashew Milk (1/2 cup per jar)

·       2 teaspoons Chia Seeds (1tbs per jar)

·       2 teaspoons Cacao Nibs (1tbs per jar)

Combine oats and chia seeds into your jars. ½ and each. Next add your cashew milk to each jar. After that, put your fresh fruit on top of everything else, adding the cacao nibs last. Put the lid on your jars and pop them into the fridge for at least 8 hours. You can make these healthy, easy breakfasts 3-5 days in advance so your mornings can be less stressful (especially if you’re a sleepy person like I am and need the extra snooze time). In the morning, just mix up the jar before you have a bite, and enjoy!!

BONUS: When you're ready to chow down, reach for some extra cashew milk or a spoonful of almond butter to mix in! GAME CHANGERRRRR

Did you guys like this recipe? Have you tried overnight oats before? Would you try this recipe out, or maybe choose your favorite fruit to include? Let us know!