Our Story

It's Jenna! Hi!

As some of you may have seen, last week Nick and I celebrated the anniversary of our engagement. 

Over the last few years, so many people have asked to hear the story of how we got together. So I thought why not put it down here for those of you who have asked or maybe wondered how Mr. and Mrs. Small Fry (also known as The Martins) came to be.

Obviously, there are two sides to every story but Nick and I usually tell this story together so I'll do my best to tell our shared memories of how it all began. ;)


First of all, you should know Nick and I have known each other for 9 years. We share the same best friend, and as we like to say, "All of this is his fault." Our best friend Alex has known both of us for about the same amount of time (or maybe I've known him a little bit longer) and he's actually the one that FIRST introduced us. At some point in 2007 or 2008, Nick and I met through Alex probably at a show, probably at the Epicenter, probably just stopping by to pay Alex a visit since he worked there at the time... but truthfully, we've literally known each other so long we can't even remember the first time we actually met. We've just always seemed to known each other!

Despite what he might seem, my husband is a shy and tremendously quiet individual 99.99999% of the time. (I'm the loud, obnoxious one.) Keeping this in mind, and the fact that we always seemed to be in relationships when we hung out, neither of us really spoke to the other much over the years. Not to mention, Nick thought that Alex had "claimed" me? I still have no real idea of what that actually means. LOL. Anyway, we kept in touch through all of the many twists and turns of our lives - his constant touring in multiple bands, my moving to different cities and states, a variety of career changes - and even going to Disneyland for the day with our mutual bff, Alex, during the time I worked for Disney. Years went by and as I had been living across the country for a while working multiple jobs and trying to figure out my next move, Nick and I had not communicated much in a long time.

Then I came back to California.

Initially I was in Los Angeles, but before long I found myself back at home in San Diego. No more than a handful of my closest friends in San Diego knew that I was back on the West Coast. Alex was still my bff so obviously he knew, and we had been meeting during his lunch breaks from work to discuss his latest romance. He was super stoked on how things had been going, and I was SO overjoyed he had found a cool girl, as he is the coolest himself. (NOBODY TELL HIM I SAID THAT!) 

But then she dumped him.

I got a text while at my Dad's birthday dinner saying she had broken up with him...in a disgustingly horrible way and he. was. heartbroken. I obviously responded with "Where are you? I'm on my way." He said " "I'm with Nick. I think we're going to Ballast Point." To which I said,"See you soon"

You guys.. I walked through the front door of this bar to see that Alex had pulled an "Alex" move and invited like 5 other people to hangout without even a mention of it to me. And the only person who saw me walk in was Nick.

He rushed over to me smiling and immediately gave me a HUGE hug. I was so confused because we were friends but I didn't think we were that good of friends. The most quiet man in the world then spent the next 5-10 minutes talking my ear off, asking me how I was, saying Alex never mentioned I was coming to join them (TYPICAL ALEX) and wanted to know when I had moved back from Florida. He had been keeping up on my life via ?I'm not sure? because at the time I wasn't using social media much. I answered all his excited questions and told him we'd chat more later because I wanted to check on Alex.

Oh, Alex. He was sad but busy being surrounded by friends, which seemed to help. Within an hour, a weird girl came up and bear hugged Alex from behind, spilling his drink and causing all of us to give her a confused/concerned glance. Turns out Alex had pulled another "Alex" move and been texting a different young lady to come hang out with him. He left the bar with her within a few minutes and also left Nick and I, and a few other friends standing there like "Ummmm okay. Well, I should head out soon..." haha. Nick and I stayed a bit longer to catch up - him, still bombarding me with a million questions about what was going on with me and what plans I had for my most recent move back to California.

You should note that Nick and I (mostly my husband) are the founders and chairman of the "In Bed Before 9:30pm Club". We stayed there talking lonnnng after everyone else had gone home. We made loose plans to see each other the next day, but he realized he didn't have any way of reaching me. So I told him he could put his number in my phone, and thought to myself I'd decide later if I even wanted to text him, then giving him my number. I had just gotten out of 2 back-to-back disasters, otherwise known as relationships, and was not trying to be swooned over by anyone. At. All. (Note to the ladies: Take THEIR number and decide if they are deserving of your time before you text away. Your time is precious and so are you.) He offered to walk me to my car and asked me to text him when I got back safely, as I had a lengthy drive back home. 

It goes without saying that I texted him. I actually did it as soon as I got into my car. The only way I knew to explain why I did is put very simply - as I told my Dad the next day, "Have you ever met someone and felt like you've always known them? Like in your past lives? As if you've been inseparable for an eternity leading up to now."

That's us.

We stayed up until close to 3am, texting each other nonstop, just being goofy. Years later, we're still doing the same.

We've been inseparable since that day. 



That's how we came together. I hope you guys enjoyed the story and can appreciate the humor. After all, it's such a gift to be able to look back at certain times in our lives, and find new beauty and even more reasons to smile. 

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