Have you seen our hair lately?

Well… have you? ;)

In the beginning of September, our hair stylist (Kristina) ask for me to be her hair model in a Pulp Riot show here in LA! Of course, I was beyond happy to accept and here was the result of her hair-coloring-MAGIC!

The two other lovely ladies in the middle photo are also my friends + Kristina’s clients/hair models, Ardent Reverie - otherwise known as Meg and Mel!

Skip ahead to last weekend (5 weeks later) and it was Nick’s turn to get his mop freshened up before leaving for tour. As always, our beloved Kristina absolutely slayed it again. How amazing is Nick’s new range of blues?! Keep in mind, he’s been bright red since May of this year. OMG RIGHT?!

Kristina was amazed at the fade on my many colors! After all, it’s been 5 weeks since the color was applied. She wanted to document my pastel fade, which is what the next few photos are.

Just wanted to share the latest with you guys on our ever-changing hair! If you have any questions about hair stuff, let us know in the comments below or comment on one of our Instagram posts!

Be sure to follow our stylist @hairbykristinamarie for some amazing color + hair!