On Cloud Wine!

It's that time again – Grocery Outlet’s Wine Sale is here and happening! I’ve raved about this fantastic store before because of their amazing prices and products! This time around, we decided to get a little more adventurous with our wine selection. WINE NOT? Haha sorrrrryyy I could not help myself. But in all seriousness, the prices are just SO good, I couldn’t help but grab a few different blends than we would normally go for. My love for wine has grown tremendously since we visited Paris last spring, and let’s be honest, this sale is an excellent excuse to try out some delicious recipes as pairings!

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty about the “rosé craze" lately. Let’s not forget that all those adorable beach towels, dad hats and coffee mugs were inspired by a very well-deserving, delicious grape beverage! I wandered the wine section for some time trying to spy the most mouth-watering rosé and ended up with an adorable, pink shaded beauty. My plan for the pairing of this rosé was to sip it alongside garlic and pesto shrimp spaghetti squash. I’ve been told that rosé goes well with light pasta and seafood, so there you have it!

It’s been mentioned too many times to count by now, but we go to pieces of a thick, flavorful Pinot Noir. Nick and I picked out one particular bottle based off the description, and needless to say, the aesthetics. We do a lot of barbecuing at home, and I knew this vino would go nicely with a grilled chicken and cucumber salad.


The third bottle I wanted to share with you was this colorfully dressed red blend. Our grand plan for this bad boy was simply to sip on it over snack on sharp cheddar, salami and crackers. As reds tend to be our favorite, we really love to have a glass while taking a break from work or sitting down to watch one of our favorite shows together.