Fruity Greek Yogurt Treats to Beat the Heat!

This post is sponsored by Dannon® Oikos® Traditional Greek Yogurt but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Keeping on with the "refreshing eats" theme, this summer has been tremendously demanding in the form of light, fresh flavors. I'm not normally a dairy gal, but when I do partake in yogurt goodness, Dannon® Oikos® Traditional Greek Yogurt is my go-to because it packs all the flavor and nutrients I'm looking for. 

For most of us, the sweet tooth kicks up during the summer. Instead of putting our bodies through the torture of eating something heavy and gluttonous as an ice cream every day, why not create a cool, refreshing desert out of something a bit healthier that more than satisfies our summer time cravings! Knowing I was going to have some lady friends over for a movie night, I told myself I had to make something special for my ladies to enjoy and get excited about! With that in mind, I also planned ahead knowing Nick would be touring through Southern California soon and I'd be able to save a few of said treats for him when he got here.

Just look at these beauties! I'm smitten!

They're mini Berry Key Lime Cheesecakes made from Dannon® Oikos® Traditional Greek Yogurt!

I found this fantastic recipe from the Dannon® Oikos® website, and instead of making one big "cheesecake", I found mini graham cracker pie crusts and opted for a bunch of teeny ones! They have so many amazing ideas for creating something especially fun and delicious with their Greek Yogurt products on their site. I'll definitely be heading back there for more recipes as get-togethers and holiday gatherings come up.

These little cakes we're so simple to make, and an absolute joy to eat! 

I knew I wanted to follow the recipe's flavors, as it called for Key Lime and Raspberry which I thought would be perfect for keeping it light and summery, but Dannon® Oikos® Traditional Greek Yogurt comes in plenty of amazing flavors that would be great for customizing any of their recipes. I found the perfect flavors for this project at Walmart which was fantastic because I was able to utilize the Ibotta offer for Dannon® Oikos® Traditional Yogurt there. Find more on ibotta here + here!

Like I said, it was so simple putting these adorable little cakes together! They're guilt-free because they're made from Dannon® Oikos® Traditional Greek Yogurt and omg, are they so scrummy! 

What's your go-to summer dessert for get-togethers? Do you prefer fruity flavors like we do?