Jenna Talks Nurx & Cervical Health Awareness Month

Ladies, listen up!

I’m pulling a major “internet mom” move on all of you because I’m taking the time to address something SUPER important, your cervical health. This month is Cervical Health Awareness Month which is what prompts this PSA of sorts via moi! I want to tell you a little bit about why I believe staying on top of your female health is so important, and about an incredible service that can help you do just that.

I’m 29 years old and pretty good about health stuff, so you can guesstimate I’ve been seeing my doctor for a regular pap smear, physical, bloodwork, regular testing, etc. for 13+ years. Over those years, I’ve had plenty of friends and even met women who were simply uncomfortable with their bodies, avoided seeing their doctor for feminine needs or care, and constantly put it off as if it was a chore- unfortunately, more than a handful of those women ended up experiencing health issues due to simply not know what’s going on with their bodies which is heartbreaking and often not at all their faults. For some, it’s inconvenient to make doctor’s appointments, for others its a privacy hurdle they struggle to overcome, and others just can’t access the care they need due to their circumstances.

I’ll admit that I was raised in an environment where the women in my life did not press any sense of urgency or importance when it comes to female health. The older I get, the more confident and comfortable I became with my body and the health routines that accompany being a ‘lil lady’ - but I know there are so many women out there that are still working on getting there or just aren’t able to. Everyone is different. We all have our own journey and story. For those of us who might be too busy to physically go see the doctor, those who just would prefer to go the stirrup-less route, or maybe you just don’t have easy access to that kind of health care - heck, you could even just be someone who likes to check on your cervical health in-between your yearly appointments - whoever you are, you’re going to want to know about Nurx.

Pronounced “NUR-EX”

Now there’s a way to check your risk for cervical cancer outside of going for a pap smear. Nurx offers an at-home HPV kit that you can use in the privacy of your home, then send back via pre-paid USPS. It’s simple, very affordable to those with or without health insurance, and completely judgement free. (It’s only $15 with insurance and $69 without.) Their kit tests for 14 strains of HPV that have a higher risk of leading to cervical cancer with the same quality test as the one your doctor would do during a pap. Pretty awesome, right?

Let me share a little more with you about the facts

when it comes to cervical health according to the CDC:

  • HPV, or Human Papillomavirus, is the most commonly transmitted STI. Nearly 80 million Americans are currently infected with HPV and 14 million people are newly infected each year

  • Most men and women are infected with HPV at some point in their lives (80 percent of sexually active people) while most are unaware they have the virus

  • Every year, HPV causes nearly 34,000 new cervical cancer diagnoses

  • Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer.

  •  You can check your risk for cervical cancer with a pap smear or HPV test. For women 30 and older, you can either 1) have a pap smear every three years or 2) an HPV test         every five years or 3) a pap smear and HPV test every five years

  • The cervical cancer mortality rate among black women is more than twice the rate among white women. The mortality rate is even higher among older black women. 

  • Insurance plays an important role in access to cervical cancer screening. Nearly 25 percent of women without health insurance and/or without a regular health care clinician have not checked their risk for cervical cancer in the past five years, compared with 11 percent of the general population.

    Now let’s get back to Nurx and their mission.

    Obviously, their Home HPV Kit is a complete game-changer for women when it comes to staying informed on your personal health. I even made a video showing you how simple the entire process is - so no excuses! Watch it below! If you don’t know where you stand with your cervical health, take a few simple steps to find out!

    You order the kit - it gets delivered to you - you complete the test at home - you mail it right back to Nurx with the included ready-to-ship envelope - results get sent privately to you. Easy!

The kit isn’t meant to replace doctors visits or pap smears, but can be very useful to stay informed between visits.

To find out more about Nurx, their amazing services and to order a kit of your own, visit their site here! I hope all you ladies out there spread the word about Cervical Health Awareness Month, Nurx, and giving yourself some extra TLC in the form of staying in-the-know with you body and it’s needs.