Nick's Fresh Color for Fall

Nick is freshly dipped and ready for tour!

Heyo! This is Nick speaking.. err, typing. It’s time for me to get back on tour, which I’m very eager for. Been itching to play these new songs and I can’t wait to play them real loud. But, before I hit the road, I’ve gotta pay a visit to our dear friend, Kristina, to get my hair all colored up. Before I went in, I was wanting something orange - I thought because of the season, it was suiting. I view Kristina as an artist, so I give a general color that I’m interested in going for and I just let her run with it however she envisions it to go. She always crushes it and I can’t thank her enough for doing it once again. She used an awesome blend of orange & red to give me all the seasonal vibes. I’m tour-ready!

And of course, we had to finish our day with Kristina by taking a few silly snaps together.

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What colors should we do next?