Update from Nick | American Tourister

This post is sponsored by American Tourister but the content and opinions shared below are our own.

Hey everybody! It’s Nick.

I’m alive & well. Checking in with you guys and bringing a bunch of updates to Two Small Fries. I just finished up Disrupt this summer and went on a little vacation with Jenna to celebrate our upcoming anniversary. If you missed those posts, you can find them here and here!

This is an appreciation post for American Tourister and their awesome luggage. As a musician who constantly travels all around the world, I can’t tell you how much luggage I have gone through, some only lasting a few days. The horror stories of being in another country, your bag completely falling apart at the airport, zippers completely busted, with all of your clothes littered on the ground is a very real thing. Thankfully, our recent trip proved that our new American Tourister Cargo Max luggage can handle the heavy traveling with ease. There’s a ton of packing space and for as “heavy duty” as it looks, it’s surprisingly very lightweight and super easy to roll. 

I read reviews ahead of time to see what others had to say and everyone shared the sentiments as we did. The biggest selling point, in my opinion, is the affordability of the luggage. You can purchase the same luggage we have exclusively through Walmart and thank me later. Can’t wait to bring this American Tourister Cargo Max on tour with me and put some miles on it. 

Jenna is no stranger to constant travel either! That’s why she picked out a similar American Tourister luggage for herself. Being smaller, she can struggle moving around large luggage - but not this one! She was wheeling hers around the airport with zero struggle, and only using one hand. A very happy, traveling wife! Extra lightweight, durable, and easy to maneuver. The best large luggage we’ve ever owned, without a doubt.

American Tourister also makes Disney themed luggage, along with a ton of other themes and products. You can find luggage like our at Walmart or online. For more information on the models we have, head here. Otherwise, have a look at their Instagram here. Highly recommended by us!