Mindful Monday | A Note From Nick Feb. 11th

Today, I’m feeling exhausted & I’m missing my wife.

On Sunday, I posted to Instagram that I was reflecting on how fortunate I am to have Jenna in my life. As I’ve spent more time self-examining over the past few months, specifically, it’s become even more important to “reflect” on my life, where I’m at, giving thanks, and taking moments to truly appreciate my life. I appreciate many aspects of it on a daily basis. But today, I’m feeling extremely appreciative of my wife. Which in turn, makes me miss her. She helps me get through a lot in life and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I just wanted to start this weeks blog off with that message & sentiment. 

Word of the week: Appreciation. 

Currently, I’m in Prague with a day off today. It feels much needed.

I’m feeling the exhaustion a bit. And it comes with great joy that I’m finally getting solid sleep! Can’t complain about that one. I thought I was going to have to take Zzzquil the whole tour!

In the past week, I’ve been to Germany (twice), France, Belgium, and today the Czech Republic. It’s wild to see how much traveling we do when we tour through Europe. It’s humbling when it’s familiar to me — when I step off the bus and say, “oh! I know where we are. There’s a great coffee shop nearby..” — It’s still something that blows my mind on a consistent basis. I wouldn’t have believed what my life would be if I was told this is what it would be when I was a kid. I’m proud of myself and I deserve to pat myself on the back. See?…


The shows have been amazing! People have been telling us that we’ve never sounded better. Definitely feeling very polished onstage this time around. Everyone has been staying healthy and it’s made a difference in our performance. I appreciate the kind words from everyone who has come out to a show on this tour so far. There’s THAT word again!

Alright. I’ve been listening to the new Emarosa album and I’m loving it. Highly recommended from me. Two thumbs up. I just finished watched The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs on Netflix and it was definitely a Coen brothers movie, which means I enjoyed it. I started to watch The Punisher because everyone on this tour has suggested I watch it. I’m not a huge Punisher fan, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I fell asleep watching it, so I can’t give a fair review yet. Haha!

I’ve got some photos from my personal camera roll in this blog post. I’ll continue to keep writing, so keep coming back!

What else would you like me to write about?

I appreciate any and all comments! Much love!