Mindful Monday | A Note From Nick Feb. 18th


It’s 8:57am. I’ve woken up early on our bus to the sounds of distant snoring in a bunk. That person will remain nameless. But, if further mornings are interrupted in the near future, their name, photo, & video evidence may hit the dark web anonymously. 

It’s dreary in Berlin this morning. Beautiful, though. As I look out our dirty, snow-weathered bus windows, I’m watching locals on their morning commute. Walking with intent. I have yet to spot one smiling face. Albeit, it’s 40 degrees outside, no sun in sight, & this particular area doesn’t scream “LAS VEGAS STRIP”, even though all I see are drab Casino signs. Oh, I see a man smoking a cigarette outside the entrance to “Yoga School Berlin”. Perfect. 

I do see two men walking together, both holding hot coffees, one smoking a cigarette, & they’re telling stories. I feel like I can smell that coffee from where I’m sitting. My senses are heightened and now all I can think about is making my first double espresso of the day. So, I’m going to do just that!

About 5 minutes have past and I’ve returned to the trusty “Notes” app on my iPhone to continue on my morning breakdown. Not that kind of breakdown; the relaxing, observant morning breakdown that consists of people watching and strong, very mediocre espresso. I will note, that while on my journey to the bottom lounge of our bus to make this espresso, the person who woke me up from their obnoxious snoring is currently snoring even harder AND they’re at least 20 feet away from where I sleep. THAT is how hard this person snores. The joys of being in a rock band. Aggressive, obscene snorers. The kind of snoring that makes you cringe because it sounds so painful. It’s like nails on a chalkboard, or in this case, the biggest butter knife you can imagine scraping against the largest dinner plate known to man.

I want to wander around Berlin this morning. I believe I’ve played this venue once before. Maybe twice. As the years go by, sometimes touring becomes one big hodgepodge of a mess in my brain, but as soon as I step foot in the venue, or even once I walk out onto the street, it all comes to me. Where I had coffee last, where the best kebab was, or where some odd art that makes no sense, but is beautifully ugly resides on a wall in an alley nearby. 

Oh! I see a very tiny, excited dog! I just took a terrible photo of said dog. I’ll make sure it’s included in this post. See, this is how my brain works. I see a dog and any attention I had on something else goes right out the proverbial window. 

I’m sure you can tell, I wanted to do something different this week. The first 30 minutes of my day, arising from my slumber, witnessing my brain awake while taking in the city I just woke up in. An honest look into a sobering morning on the road. 

As I wait for the venue to open, to check out catering due to my intermittent-fasting starvation, I’ll more likely than not, walk into a catering room that contains questionable scrambled eggs and other foods that I cannot distinguish, and you know what? I’m humbled & grateful. As I watched people walking to work this morning, most seemed unhappy. Or at the very least, there wasn’t excitement in their eyes. Now, I’m no one to judge. Nor do I know what they’re walking to do this morning. But, I woke up this morning (to a violent snorer) in another country, 5,780 miles away from home, to play a rock show tonight. Humbled & grateful because if you told a 10 year old me that this is where I’d be & this would be my job, I would’ve said, “Wait.. the future me drinks black coffee AND wakes up early in the morning?! I turn into that kind of dude?! C’mon, man!”