6 Things We Always Do Before Nick Leaves For Tour

It's that time again! I'm about to hit the road. But before I do, we thought we'd share a few things Jenna and I do to get me ready for tour.

1. Laundry

Obvious? Yeah, it should be but it's the first thing we do as we begin to prep for me leaving for tour. I tend to overpack a bit, but when I'm on the road, doing laundry can sometimes be a difficult task due to how crazy our daily schedule gets, so having more clothes (especially underwear and socks) than not, is always a plus. Does anyone really enjoy doing laundry? This is a legit question.

2. Shop

Less obvious? It should be. If you didn't already know, I like to wear vests when I play shows and I've been on the hunt for new "show" vests the past few weeks. But because of the season, they're not the easiest item to come across, at the moment. Luckily, I did some digging through my closet and found some vests I completely forgot about and my good friend, Josh, is currently making me a new show vest. It all worked out! Thanks Josh!

3. Stay In

Why though? Because staying in is our way of getting in the quality time we want, while we're still able to have it. When I'm on tour, it's tough to get in quiet, alone time. It's something that I cherish when I'm home, especially having "hibernation" time with Jenna. Enjoying Netflix binging, watching some crazy show on TLC network, or just laughing together at some good old fashioned memes -- it's all about the time spent together in our home. 

4. Disneyland

You can't be surprised at this one. It's something that Jenna & I have enjoyed doing together since we were first started seeing each other. It's our escape that we both look forward to doing while I'm home. Some days we have a crazy day planned full of rides, but some days there's no agenda and we just walk around the park without a care in the world. We also enjoy churros.. all the time. 

5. Cook Together

For those of you who keep up on this blog (thank you, by the way), we've made a lot of changes in our lives pertaining to staying healthy. One of those specific changes being to eat healthier and cooking meals at home. I was never much of a cook, which lead to terrible eating habits involving a lot of fast food & overly processed junk. But, cooking has been a really fun activity for us to do together when I'm home. Gives us a chance to try new recipes and make them our own. Jenna has become a BBQ master in the process and she makes incredible salsa. So, why not share that with ya..

6. Jenna's Homemade Popcorn & Salsa

Jenna makes the best popcorn. She doesn't buy those microwave popcorn packets, she makes it from scratch with her own secret ingredients. I crave it when I'm on tour and there's no other popcorn that comes close. I'm also a huge fan of her mango salsa. Before Jenna made this salsa, we had been buying fresh mango salsa at a nearby market, but it was never spicy enough and we kept adding our own ingredients to it to make it to our liking. So, Jenna decided to take it into her own hands and make the whole thing from scratch - with the help of Milk & Eggs providing the fresh ingredients to make this one top notch. I've become highly addicted to this salsa and I think you'll enjoy it, as well.  

Using the freshest ingredients from Milk & Eggs, we made a Spicy Mango Salsa to satisfy Nick's taste buds before he leaves home.

Here's Jenna's recipe for a simple, delicious, and quick 6 ingredient salsa!

You'll need:

Chop up all your ingredients except the lime (place the garlic salt to the side for later), like the photo below on the right. We LOVE cilantro so we put quite a bit into our salsa but use as much as you like, according to your taste. After you combine your chopped ingredients into a bowl, squeeze your lime over the salsa and mix everything up. Sprinkle some garlic salt over the top and pull out the chips because you're ready to eat! Our favorite chips for salsa are available here.


Hope you enjoyed a little look into our home lives! Who am I going to see at the shows coming up? Can't wait to see you guys there!