Calling All Petites + Jenna's Nasty Gal Haul

It's Jenna!

I'm back with some fun clothing conversation! I don't mention it all-too-often, but I'm a real life small fry and yeah... finding clothes that fit is especially hard when you're the size of a 10 year old. I gave Nasty Gal another shot recently, as they've expanded back into the XS range, and wanted to share my discoveries with my fellow tinies who can relate! Keep in mind, all of these items come in regular sizes, as well so don't fret if you're needing something different!

Shedding light on a little lady struggle; let's talk about PETITE CLOTHES! This is NOT a sponsored video. Just sharing some small girl realness - Nasty Gal has gone through one heck of a transformation and now carry adorable clothes that come in XS!


Move It Vegan Suede Mule ///

Get Straight to the Point Striped Bra Top and Pants Set ///

Like the Palm of My Hand Crop Top and Shorts Set ///

Ring Ring Crop Top and Flare Set ///

Together or Apart Bandeau Top and Skirt Set ///

It'll V Okay Plunging Bodysuit ///


Let me know what you guys think about the video and if I should do more!

What was your favorite outfit from my haul?