"Much Love" from Nick

Helloooo, everybody! It’s me. You know who. Short, colorful hair, tattoos, and a fan of Disney. The other half of Two Small Fries. 

Alright, not too easy to decipher. It’s Nick. Excuse my dorky-ness. I just wanted to put together a quick post about something awesome I’ve been working on for a long while, alongside a great, new company called Offer Music..

‘Much Love’ Signature Edition Pick Necklaces!

Here’s the quick story behind why I wanted to do this. If you’ve been to a Sleeping With Sirens show and gotten a spot close to the barricade, maybe you’ve been lucky enough to catch one of my guitar picks that says “Much Love”. But for those who haven’t (and also for those who have), I wanted to make something special that anyone could snag & take home. The message is very simple and self-explanatory. But, it’s a message that I believe in and I know others do, as well. I’m extremely proud being able to do this.

I’ve been friends with the people at Carved for many years. They make awesome phone cases and I use their power banks when I’m at home, as well as on tour. They started up an awesome new company called Offer Music. Creating unique, limited items with artists directly. I can’t thank them enough for reaching out to me and working together on this. 

So, here’s some details about the necklaces:

  • They’re only available until 3/21! Get them now before they’re gone forever. 
  • There’s 3 wood species available and you can purchase combo packs, if you’d like more than 1 
  • 10% of each sale goes to Love Is Louder project. Amazing organization that amplifies the message of love, support, & respect in this world. 

Also, there’s a GIVEAWAY you can enter to win a “Much Love” phone case, a signed "Much Love" power bank, and a "Much Love" guitar pick necklace of your choice. Awesome, right? You can enter HERE

I personally want to thank everyone who has purchased a necklace(s). I really had not a clue that this many people would’ve been interested in this, and for that, I’m extremely humbled & grateful for the support. I can’t wait to see the necklaces on you guys! Make sure you tag me in photos! 

Much love & see you guys soon!