CHOC Minnie Walk 2019

Hey everyone!

We’ve been having a very busy week (as usual) but this week has been very special because we got to attend our very first Minnie Walk at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

What makes this event so special is that the Minnie Walk is put on by The Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), Disneyland + many other community sponsors to give something special to the children too sick to attend the CHOC Walk In The Park at #DisneylandResort in August. It was such a special experience to be invited into the hospital to see the children participating in the Minnie Walk, hear from their families about how CHOC has been a blessing in getting their children thru whatever they’re battling, and also preserving their children’s CHILDHOOD - something so sacred and special to each individual child!

There’s so much to be said about CHOC and all that they do. Even after having been involved in the CHOC Walk for the past 3 years, we’re still hearing new and amazing things about the hospital all the time!!!

We really encourage you to follow this link to our Team Page for the CHOC Walk (which you learn about more here) and take a minute to read up on what CHOC does and why we feel so strongly about supporting their initiatives to help children in the community.

Just a reminder that we do not make any money from the work we do with CHOC. Our time, efforts and energy is all willingly donated - including donating our own money - to the Children’s Hospital.