How To Maximize The FUN In Your Life

Yes, we're married. Yes, we're "young".

I wish I had a nickel for every time someone asked us, "OMG WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE KIDS? SOON, RIGHT?!

No, not quite. (Insert my favorite upside smiley face emoji here LOL) Not that there's anything wrong with that(!!) - we just have our own goals and own agenda for what we want our lives to entail now and in the near future. A lot of that would be flying by-the-seat of our pants without any additional responsibilities that would hinder us from being adult-children whenever we please! ;) Everyone does their own thing and what's best for them - this is our own thing and what's best for us.

You guys know well by now that we love doing spontaneous and exciting things on the regular.

It's often asked, "How can you do so many fun things all the time?! Traveling all over?! Going to Disneyland all the time?!" It's totally not a secret or even a complicated answer - we keep it simple! Let me elaborate...

Our lives are crazy and chaotic already... we don't do anything to contribute to the chaos, but we absolutely do anything and everything possible to simplify the normal stuff (like paying bills on time, monitoring our home, setting the DVR to record our favorite shows, purchasing our movie tickets 12-24 hours before the show, ordering our groceries in advance from delivery services, and always shopping for deals via the best apps and sites). Just normal, everyday life stuff! Staying on top of all the little odds and ends of life can be difficult in general, but doing that amidst constant travel can make it impossible if you don't have a plan - or in other words, KEEPING IT SIMPLE! When you make sometimes difficult or potentially frustrating tasks easy, you get to keep maximize the fun; FULL SPEED AHEAD!!

One major potential for stress is car ownership, am I right?

We've  both had our fair share of car drama - including saying goodbye to an old one and hello to a new one! But if you've ever had to shop for a vehicle, you know how time consuming it can potentially be from the get-go. If you value your time, as we do ours, this can make your eyes go wide! As the years fly by, suddenly one day you might realize "HOLY COW, I've had my car for 12 years... and now it's probably time to start thinking about something newer to replace this old one," as often happens.

"When do we even have the time to go look?! How will I know what to negotiate for?!"

The Martin Household revolves around lots of love, fun and happiness. How the heck do we keep the fun going when something major like this comes up? With our never-ending, ever-changing busy schedule... I feared this would be the nightmare of all nightmares simply because of the time commitment to physical dealership hopping- then PushAuto appeared, as if from the heavens!

IT'S SO EASY!!! What a relief to know that now I can shop for my new car without having to change my schedule at all! I can be looking at vehicles anywhere, anytime! Online or on their app! 

Talk about keeping it simple!!! There are so many benefits to using PushAuto; a few standout perks in my book have to be the price clarity and speedy responses from the actual dealers! If you have to go through the process of car buying, keep it simple, easy and fun!

We get to carry on our daily fun AND shop for cars at the same time.


If you're in the market for a new car, be sure to take a peek at PushAuto on their website or on the app!!


I wonder which car will be ours next! How exciting!


That's all from us for now!

Don't forget to keep it simple and ENJOY LIFE!


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