Message for 21+ only! Drink responsibly! ;)

Happy holiday weekend, everyone!

It's been a couple weeks since we went to Palm Springs, but this heat has kept us craving more margaritas like the ones we had on our vacation

We tend to have quick & easy taco nights at home when we're both not traveling, just to catch up on our favorite shows and spend some quality time on our comfy couch together. Lately, it's been Monday's that become our DIY taco night - which just got way more festive because now we're incorporating DIY margaritas!

I've never been much for making my own cocktails but once I realized how simple it is to concoct your own marg, I quickly became the one who volunteered to play bartender! Nick usually is keen on a regular margarita but we've been making them at home with Agavero Orange, and there's just no going back!

Aye, SO refreshing!!!

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