The Many Colors of Us! 🌈

We’ve got another hair appointment with Kristina coming up, so we thought it might be fun to do something we’ve never done in our 3+ years of letting Kristina work out magic on us…

And take a little trip down memory lane!

If you haven’t been following along with us since 2016, then you may not have see all of these colorful masterpieces!
You can click on each photo to see the IG post it’s from.

Here we go!

The very first color Kristina did on me was this Oil Slick / Galaxy look!
She did this on me way back in December of 2015!

A short time after, she painted this full-head masterpiece using custom mixed blues and purples! This was Nick’s first time getting his hair colored and he went for a blend of turquoise and steel grey. Kristina is so AMAZING!

Next up was the vibrant greens for Nick and more purple and blue blends for me! This a really fun time for us because having color in our hair was still so new to the both of us - I mean how could you not fall in love with it?!

In May of 2016, we took a different direction and switched it up with some new colors!
Just a reminder that we let Kristina do whatever she wants on us - so all credit goes to her for these amazing locks!

In August of 2016, Kristina took us both back to our natural hair colors because we wanted to look as” timeless” as possible for our wedding day in September. Although we absolutely LOVE our magical hair, we thought it would be a nice idea to look like plain old us on our big day - please note, we absolutely planned on going back to vivids afterwards!

After a few months of being my natural color, Kristina started bring some fun color back into my life! We started with this really rich, cranberry color throughout the mid-end length of my hair. This was solely a “Jenna” appt. while Nick was on tour (still his natural color).

Now we’re getting into some new territory - blues and bangs!
I’d been drooling over some of Kristina’s blue clients before this, so you can imagine how in love I was when she decided to go for it on me! I grew up having bangs for most of my life and having them again made me feel very “me”! We did this on my 27th birthday (December of 2016).

This was our second round of blue because we were just having SO much fun with it! It was a deeper, moody, true royal blue. I rocked this color on our honeymoon so you can see how well it faded over the weeks we were abroad!

Say hello to the pink + red era!
Kristina set us up reaaaaal nice with some fun and vivid colors for Nick’s performance at the Alternative Press Music Awards in Cincinnati, OH.
Isn’t she the cutest ever?!

After the candy colored pinks, Kristina brought some purple into the mix! Nick stuck with his beloved red, and she made it a big more moody and subtle vs. the vibrant, hot red he had before. Change is so fun!

The next time I was Kristina, we didn’t cut my hair so you’ll see my bangs were long. i had an upcoming trip to Thailand, and a surgery that followed and I knew I wouldn’t be able to style my bangs every day so we let them get long. Length + less maintenance. Kristina set us up with some AMAZING new colors! I call this one on me a“cheshire cat” and Nick went for some fiery hot reds, red-oranges!

After that, Kristina spruced up my bangs and changed up the pinks and purples! You’ll notice they’re a bit more pastel and the purple is just around my roots. Loooooved this look!

Here it is, the one you guys should remember very well - my Lisa Frank locks! Deep purple at the roots, yellow, peach, pink and purple throughout. Nick went with steel blue roots melted into his favorite red!

That color lasted a long time, and we intentionally waiting a while in between appointments because Kristina used me as a model for a live hair show she had here in LA with Pulp Riot! I washed all of my previous color out so that she could create this INSANE masterpiece! Be sure to check out the bottom left post on IG and swipe to see the rest of the photo carousel from that day!

Nick got spruced up the next time we saw Kristina! My color was a few weeks old from the show, so I didn’t need anything done just yet.

Now I know you remember this bad boy… he made the switch to blue and I went full-blown SUNSHINE!
Kristina had told me a few times before, but she loves to create golden mops! It’s rare that you see anyone with yellow hair so she doesn’t get to do it much. I’d be feeling yellow for a while, and we decided to go for it!

That brings us to the present! I’m a golden rainbow and I love it so, so much. Kristina is the absolute BEST and we just love her so much. We’ve been clients of hers for so many years, which has been the ultimate pleasure and of course, now we’re blessed to be able to call her one of our most treasured friends.


That’s it!

Can you believe we’ve been with Kristina for so many years?! It feels like it’s flown by but honestly, we just can’t imagine it any other way.
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Which one was your favorite? What should we do next?
Let us know in the comments below!