Just Look At Us Now!

We hit the road and we're currently in San Diego for a week! We've got some fun plans in the works, which we'll tell you more about very soon - but for now let's tell you a little about our present happenings!

If the point hasn't been hammered in just yet, we'll share a bit more. In our last article, we talked about being "doers"; people who get out and do things! We love to make things happen and this visit to San Diego has been on our minds for some time. There have been a number of reasons stacking up for why we owed our hometown a short visit, and we want to share with you (once again) how we made this trip happen, and how it's guaranteed to be smooth sailing despite our busy, hectic and totally jam-packed schedule!

We're prepared!

Out enjoying some delicious pizza with a group of old friends, and needy to re-apply my liquid lipstick ( hey, it's Jenna)... check!

Cleaning ourselves up after devouring a messy burger after seeing a movie with our best friend... no problem!

Needing a proper wipe-down from our nephew's melted ice cream... gotcha covered!

Quick nap at the hotel, then rushing out the door to meet up with family for dinner, with a quick refreshing face cleaning... totally!

Have you guessed it? We're properly equipped to keep up with the pace of our fun-filled life because we're toting travel friendly packs of Kleenex Wet Wipes

One last thing, they're now available at Walgreens AND when you purchase 2 Kleenex Wet Wipes there, you qualify for a $1 rebate through the Ibotta App!