Our Los Angeles Bucket List

Hello, again!!!

As most of you already may know by now, Nick and I moved to Los Angeles at the end of last year. We only moved a few hours away from San Diego, where we had lived previously, but being new residents of LA has definitely been fantastic and also has inspired us to set out exploring this wonderful city more and more all the time!


We’ve created a “bucket list” or as I like to call it, a “future adventure list” of all the things we want to do together in Los Angeles.



Recently, Nick and I had the pleasure of checking off one of our top 3 Must-do’s - The Getty Center.                  

The Getty sits on top of a gorgeous hillside overlooking Los Angeles. You park down below and ride a tram up to the Center where the art exhibits are. When you get up to the top, you immediately feel transported to some kind of hidden sanctuary, far away from the busy city. As the weather has been nothing but horribly hot lately, we had loaded up my bag with our favorite cans of flavored hydration, Perrier, since so much of the Getty is outdoors. Sunscreen was also applied. :)

I had visited the Getty before with my Dad a while back but this was Nick's first time going there, and our first time going together. Nick's first impression was that he felt transported back to our honeymoon trip overseas. The layout and feel of the Getty Center is modern, simplistic and unlike anything else we've seen here in LA. The art itself is vastly religion-inspired European paintings, sculptures, and photography from various time periods and world events.

We spent a few hours, wandering building to building, getting a little lost - because why the heck not. My personal favorite part of the day was seeing the reimagined rooms from 18th century Paris, and Nick's favorite was the photography of Chris Killip.

Here are a few more things on our to-do list right now...

-Skirball Art Center


-Broad Museum

-Moonlight Rollerway

-Hollywood Forever Cemetery Movie

-the abandoned Zoo

-Beverly Hills Witch’s House

-Magic Castle

-Museum of Death

-Walt Disney Animation tour


If you have any of your own recommendations of things we should add to our list, leave them in the comments below! We'd love to hear what YOU GUYS like to do!


...until next time!


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