Not All Heroes Wear Capes

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Hi it's Jenna, again!

Who do you consider a hero?

What does being a hero mean to you? 

Everyone has their own interpretation of what it means to be a hero or how to identify one. This post is a little more personal than the usual and it's about one of my childhood heroes, and the role he plays in my life today.

Yeah, I'm talking about my Dad. :)

He was my guiding light and inspiration as a child, and was the one who first ignited my love for marketing. As a producer, editor, writer, and director for a major television network for 25+ years, I grew up constantly amazed by the opportunities he created for my brother and I - one of which was the ability to visit Disneyland once or twice a year with Press Passes! Without him and the hard work he put in to create these opportunities for us, I wouldn't have been able to fully explore the things I grew passionate about. Dad has always been my hero.

I can remember the day he taught me how to ride a bike. Just like I remember the days he took my brother and I fishing (and tolerating my constant whining while my brother caught fish and I caught plants). Our dad always did everything for us. He's always been there.

Flash forward today. I'm all grown-up, married, and living in another city. My brother is a doctor, living in another state. And Dad is in San Diego, in a newly purchased home and starting fresh. I make regular trips to San Diego to see him. He babysits our bird when we leave town for more than a night. Sometimes, he has plans or events, and invites me on outings with him so he can show off his daughter to all his friends. Very cute! I got my cleanliness, organization and attention to deal from my dad. It's no wonder I carry around Kleenex Wet Wipes in my purse at all times!

The original door-opener in my life - Dad has always taken care of me! And as an adult, I love that I'm able to do the same for him.

Lately, he's been recruiting me to help him furnish his new place. He's starting from scratch and must think I'm good at decorating, because he won't make any significant purchase without my stamp of approval. So I set out for San Diego last weekend to give him a helping hand, and save him from the stresses of solo decision making. Enter Super Jenna; Dad's hero! 

Alright so maybe I'm not technically his hero but I guess you could say I'm kinda his sidekick. Think Robin or even Samwise Gamgee. Yeah, let's go with Sam. He's always been my personal favorite anyway.

Visiting with Dad is always great, especially when we have a mission in mind. We've been on the hunt for a while for a coffee table and dining table set for his place. It's been tricky finding something that fits the aesthetic of his current additions, wall paint, and future plans. I haven't mentioned it yet, but Dad is a very picky guy so this is not a simple task. Lots of digging through furniture stores, antique shops, and even a Goodwill or two. 

It may sound silly - but I love when we get to take breaks and we go back and forth about what to eat. One of the most fun things we've been doing together since I've been an adult is trying out new places, allowing me the opportunity to show him new and different cuisine. He's a bachelor, so we tend to eat out for almost every meal. No sense in dirtying the kitchen for just the two of us, and it's always fun to go somewhere new. Last weekend we found a little "hole-in-the-wall" Thai food spot with phenomenal reviews. Dad tried new dishes he had never had before while I told him stories about when I was in Thailand. Once again, so glad I've got my Kleenex Wet Wipes to sort our dirty hands out before we dig in!

Sometimes my trips down to Dad's house are spontaneous, so ordering what I need and knowing it will be delivered on time is really important to me. That's why I like to order my Kleenex Wet Wipes on Amazon (along with everything else because Amazon is the best).

My weekend of searching for home furnishings with Dad ended up being a success. I'm so grateful that as an adult I'm able to help my Dad and be there for him, even if its just to help him decide on which throw pillows match the couch.

Not only do I love working on little projects, but I even more so love being able to spend time together. He's still my hero, and I love that I get to be his sidekick!


Who's your personal hero?

Are you able to give back to them in appreciation for how they've impacted your life?